PUBG Mobile’s father’s survival game has opened pre-registration

PUBG Mobile's father's survival game has opened pre-registration

Undawn was first announced in early 202. The game aims to become the new compelling survival game for mobile gamers. From a famous studio like Lightspeed, Undawn is a game worth trying for those who love the survival genre or zombie-themed games.

The new title aims to be a full 3D open world MMO where players can explore a constantly changing world. With great features like a comprehensive weather system, base building, and social elements, Undawn will truly change the landscape of open world survival on mobile platforms.

The game loop will contain elements similar to many other survival games, such as food demand management, water meters, etc.

To attract interested players, the developer is running a pre-registration campaign with lots of bonuses included. These rewards will be richer when registrations reach certain milestones. Readers can sign up for an account at CH Play and app store.

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