PUBG players can get double experience points when fighting with guilds

PUBG players can get double experience points when fighting with guilds

Publisher Krafton has announced the new clan system for PUBG. The Clan system will allow players and friends to create and join squads of up to 100 players, unlocking a host of new social systems and progressions.

Krafton wrote in Update 23.2: “Players with a Battlegrounds Plus account can create a clan by clicking the clan button located in the lobby. Once the clan has been created, many other features will be unlocked, such as the search of clans, chat and notifications”. The editor also explains that guilds will operate under the supervision of a clan owner and various administrators.


Socializing with like-minded gamers isn’t the only benefit of joining a PUBG clan. Guilds have their own development system. Clans are ranked from level 1 to 20, represented by clan cards that can be unlocked and upgraded over time. And most importantly, the amount of XP is doubled and the 30% increase in BP that the player gets when playing with his Clan members.

PUBG production manager Mr. Taeseok Jang said, “We introduced the clan system starting with the 23.2 server test update to create a sense of belonging and further enhance player satisfaction.” This battle royale game recently hit a “quarterly revenue record” of $407.8 million. However, PUBG’s player base hasn’t grown much from the average of 4 to 500,000, likely reflecting the game’s lack of flashy new features to attract new players. The new system probably won’t make any major changes, but guilds will help players bond with each other. Readers can learn more about the clan system. here.​

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