Punishing Gray Raven Reveals PC Version Release Date


Action gacha RPG Punishing Gray Raven has finally revealed the release date for Client PC and fans will only have to wait a few more days until May 15. Fans have been asking for this PC version ever since. The game came out over 3 years ago. Developer Kuro Game has also confirmed cross-play progress support for the PC version.

Punishing Gray Raven is arguably the best action RPG on mobile, right up there with Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. The game possesses an engaging sci-fi story with eye-catching character design, great animation, and an extremely unique battle system that challenges the player’s reflexes while fighting.


Since its release 3 years ago, the game has gone through many different events, almost constant updates, and an ever-expanding roster of characters. And now, with the upcoming PC client, players will be able to experience the fullest existing roster right on their PC.

The new version will come with a controller to match the keyboard and mouse and will even be equipped with a feature that gamers have long requested: gamepad support. The game’s PC client has been in testing since last November and developer Kuro has made the necessary adjustments based on player feedback, so it’s bound to be a near-perfect port of the game. Cross-game progress support will allow players to switch between mobile and desktop devices at will.

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