Red Dead Redemption Coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch This Month

Red Dead Redemption Coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch This Month

Backed by Rockstar Games and Double Eleven Studios, Red Dead Redemption and its expansion Undead Nightmare are coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on August 17. Rockstar is rumored to be preparing to release a remaster or a complete remake of Red. Dead Redemption has been around for a long time, but it seems the rumor is only partially true.

The newly announced version of Red Dead Redemption is not actually a remaster. It’s a slightly more advanced port of bringing the western open world to some modern platforms, but what really upset some fans is the fact that the Red Dead Redemption remake sells for a relatively high price ($49.99 USD). even though the game is over. ten years old and does not have any notable new content.

PS4 and Switch players will have the option to purchase Red Dead Redemption digitally on August 17 or the physical version on October 13. the PS4 library. Red Dead Redemption will also not be released on the new generation of Xbox consoles, although players will still be able to experience the Xbox 360 version on modern Xbox consoles. Most disappointingly, Red Dead Redemption hasn’t come to PC yet. Fans have been asking for the PC version of the game for years, but they’ll have to wait a bit longer.

It seems that this release of Red Dead Redemption will be missing one of the main features of the original game: online multiplayer. The reveal announcement doesn’t mention multiplayer, but only emphasizes that the package includes both classic and single-player experiences. Red Dead Redemption is available on PS3 and Xbox 360, with the PS4 and Switch versions launching on August 17.

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