Refusing to cooperate, Fortnite shamelessly copied Among Us

Refusing to cooperate, Fortnite shamelessly copied Among Us

Earlier this week, Epic Games released a new Impostors mode for their hit game Fortnite, but it’s worth mentioning here that Impostors has identical gameplay to Among Us. This makes developer Innersloth extremely surprised and unhappy, they think that Epic Games has blatantly copied their game.

On her personal Twitter, Innersloth Community Manager Victoria Tran said: Innersloth welcomes working with Epic Games to bring Among Us to Fortnite which will be a great and exciting combination for players. But Epic Games has no interest in contacting this indie developer, instead blatantly copying the gameplay, terminology, and maps of Among Us.

Gary Porter, a member of the Among Us development team, pointed out the similarities in the Fortnite: Imposters map to Among Us and concluded bitterly:

“I wasn’t even involved in the development of Skeld (the first map in Among Us) but I’m still offended.”

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Innersloth co-founder Marcus Bromander shared that the company did not apply for a patent for Among Us’s Of Us mode because it wanted to contribute to a healthy gaming industry. But unexpectedly, that made Innersloth lose if he wanted to claim justice for himself. As you can see Innersloth is only a small team and Epic Games has a strong legal team. Temporarily, Epic Games has not yet commented on the incident of…

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