Requiring a perfect debut, Thien Long Bat Bo’s “father” pushed back the release date of Greatest Unsung Song to November 18.

Requiring a perfect debut, Thien Long Bat Bo's "father" pushed back the release date of Greatest Unsung Song to November 18.

The Vietnamese game village in general and the Tuyet The Vo Song community group in particular are having a tumultuous start to November. With the post of a masterpiece from producer Thien Long Bat Bo, Tuyet The Vo Song once set a schedule to launch the Vietnamese market on November 3, but at the time when the community was most excited, Changyou and SohaGame took a decision. unexpected decision. : Postponing the official release date to November 18, which means 2 weeks later.

Great The Greatest Songs will be officially released on November 18, with many promotions and gifts for players.

Of course, the Vietnamese gaming community immediately had explosive emotions, people were disappointed, surprised, angry, and many people were willing to wait. The thrill of standing in front of heaven’s gate, the thrill of getting my hands on the national fencing game that I had been waiting for a month but had to wait for more at the end – the above emotions are also the same. it’s understandable.

9 people 10 ideas, the community can’t help but be surprised by the decision of the Absolute Peerless

Talking about this unexpected and of course risky decision, great producer Changyou and NPH SohaGame shared very candidly: “We thought long and hard before making this decision. However, with the principle of putting the community at the center of development, there is more than 1 reason for both Changyou and SohaGame to believe that any wait will be rewarded. And always strive to guarantee the rights of Vietnamese players”.

As a mobile game with a huge position, every move of Unparalled Absolute is very noticeable.

Expect a perfect product with the most complete release

If Changyou is the third cult game company in China, SohaGame is also the largest and capable game publisher in Vietnam. In this moment of cooperation, both parties have set a very high expectation, demanding great perfection and rigor in the process of launching products, because Absolute The Song is the key product and partly represents the vision of the size of the brand in both parts.

The Unparalleled Greatest is a strategic MMO product from Changyou and SohaGame in 2021

After the first and second alpha testing process, through many times of optimization and editing, the Unparalleled Absolute is really ready to enter the release phase. However, with the seriousness of this product, NSX Changyou decided not to ignore any “trivial” bugs, including voice chat, display bugs… And with an extra 2 weeks, NSX Changyou and NPH SohaGame wish they could make the most of Debut perfect and complete for vietnamese gamers.

Excellent The Song is expected to have an explosive debut in the Vietnamese market

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Not only as a brand representative, Ung Hoang Phuc was personally involved in enhancing the experience of the Peerless Absolute as TayChoiBoGia.

According to the action, the decision to delay the debut of Tuyet The Vo Song was also due to an “unforeseen” cause: singer Ung Hoang Phuc. Famous since the heyday of martial arts on PC, singer Ung Hoang Phuc with the nickname TayChoiBoGia has “grown up with the Vietnamese gaming village”, and it’s great that in the process of accompanying Tuyet The Vo Song, the “godfather” There are contributions to enhance the experience, with the utmost enthusiasm of a true martial arts player.

Not only the representative face, singer Ung Hoang Phuc also brought many ideas to improve the gaming experience as TayChoiBoGia.

Consequently, after the experience, singer Ung Hoang Phuc shared with NPH the things he likes most about this game series and hopes to see them again in Absolute The Song. It could be a 4v4 or 3v3 PK feature that VLTK didn’t have in the old days; there could be some minor changes to the Swordsmanship mechanism; Or it could just be adjustments to guild incentives, rewards from activities that bring you great spiritual value…

Unprecedentedly, singer Ung Hoang Phuc has shared and contributed about the best features of the rare game series, which have attracted players in the past, especially about PK and Bang Hoi.
“Excellent The Song Not only uses Ung Hoang Phuc as a Representative, but we also appreciate his gaming experience, believing that his wish will also be the voice of many brothers. His enthusiasm is in line with the principle of community activities that Greatest Unsong is aiming, and the decision to drop the debut date is a well-thought-out plan: to bring the best experience for Vietnamese players since the first version.”
– Director of Soha Game City. Ho Chi Minh shared.

Excellent The Song Not only uses Ung Hoang Phuc as a representative, but we also appreciate his gaming experience.

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The sense of PK in The Unparalleled Absolute is highly appreciated by TayChoiBoGia

Bold but worth the wait

The Godfather Player with the Absolute Peerless can be said to be a “perfect” cooperation than all other game projects Ung Hoang Phuc has ever represented, because there is interference and contribution, resonance and especially a true passion for the world of Martial Arts. letters.

What will Unsurpassed Greatness release? Has singer Ung Hoang Phuc changed your heart to bring any features to the game? To what extent have active rewards and incentives been improved? All the information closely related to the interests of the players will be detailed in the following articles.​