Revealing Park Seo-Joon’s Potential Roles in Captain Marvel 2

Revealing actor Itaewon Class's role in Captain Marvel 2

Marvel fans are buzzing with excitement as details about Captain Marvel 2, officially named The Marvels, surface. Directed by Nia DaCosta (Candyman), the film is set to start filming this year, with a projected release in 2023. Recent news about the cast, specifically actor Park Seo-Joon, has sparked speculation about his role in the highly anticipated movie.

The Possibility of Superhero Amadeus Cho

With a Korean actor joining the cast, many have theorized that Park Seo-Joon could potentially portray Amadeus Cho, one of Marvel Comics’ most famous Korean superheroes. Amadeus Cho gained his powers from Bruce Banner and became the Hulk. However, Cho has no significant connection to Captain Marvel or other Marvel family members, making it unlikely for him to appear in Captain Marvel 2.

Revealing actor Itaewon Class's role in Captain Marvel 2

Furthermore, Amadeus Cho is portrayed as a teenage genius. While Park Seo-Joon previously played a high school student in Itaewon Class, Hollywood typically avoids casting actors to portray characters significantly younger than their real age, as commonly seen on Korean television. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, actress Claudia Kim, who is nearly the same age as Park Seo-Joon, played Amadeus’ mother Helen Cho. Therefore, the idea of them playing mother and son would not be particularly engaging.

The Potential Role of Noh-Varr Superhero (Marvel Boy)

If Park Seo-Joon were to portray an established Marvel superhero, the most likely candidate is Noh-Varr, also known as Marvel Boy. Like Carol Danvers, Noh-Varr was a warrior of the Kree Empire. However, his life took a dramatic turn when the villainous Dr. Midas attacked his ship, causing it to crash on Earth, resulting in the deaths of his parents and girlfriend.

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Revealing actor Itaewon Class's role in Captain Marvel 2

Interestingly, the story depicts the ship crash landing in New Jersey, which coincides with some scenes in Captain Marvel 2. This adds weight to the theory of Park Seo-Joon playing Noh-Varr. Should paparazzi capture images of the actor with his distinctive white hair, the theory would no longer be mere speculation. Noh-Varr possesses Kree super-strength, resilience, and the ability to run along walls or ceilings. Additionally, his DNA contains insect genetic code, which grants him a unique hybrid nature, half-human and half-cockroach (though still undeniably handsome).

The Possibility of a SWORD Agent

While the prospect of Marvel Boy appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is intriguing, it is just as likely, if not more so, that Park Seo-Joon will play a non-powered supporting character. One possibility is that he could portray a SWORD (Sentient World Observation and Response Department) agent within the movie. Such a role would position him as a crucial component of the story, despite lacking superhuman abilities.

Revealing actor Itaewon Class's role in Captain Marvel 2

Regardless of the character he ultimately portrays, Park Seo-Joon’s presence in the film will undoubtedly attract a significant audience from the Korean market. As one of the world’s five largest film markets, Korea’s enthusiasm for its homegrown talent is unparalleled.

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