Video rgb gamecube

Level up with a PACKAPUNCH PRO RGB SCART! This cable supplies an RGB video signal and stereo sound from your PAL GameCube is far superior than the original video cable. This cable is screened to minimise external interference and cable crosstalk between signals. This is achieved by using our new PACKAPUNCH cable which has individually shielded wires for RED, GREEN, BLUE, SYNC, audio left and right and also the DC voltage line which is used for RGB selection on your video receiving equipment.

Why upgrade to a PACKAPUNCH cable?:

  • Protects against external magnetic interference.
  • Protects against crosstalk between individual signals inside the cable.
  • Available in various lengths.


  • No Tuning required, just plug and play.
  • Quality Panasonic Capacitors.
  • True RGB video & stereo sound.
  • Constructed from custom screened cable especially made for Retro Gaming Cables.
  • Wired for sync over composite video. Also available as Composite Sync (CSYNC). For further information on sync types please our Demystifying RGB Sync guide.

New features

  • Fully wired/ grounded SCART plug using a custom Printed Circuit Board.
  • Custom over-molded MultiAV plug with integrated strain relief, manufactured in-house using injection-mould machine.
  • Custom ID label on SCART plug.
  • Quality Panasonic Capacitors.
  • Optional Upgrade to CSYNC using built in sync cleaner. Select from drop-down menu.
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Compatible with:

  • SCART enabled televisions.
  • SCART to HDMI converters that support RGB video. Some don’t, so please read this.
  • SCART to component video converters.
  • XRGB-mini Framemeister via EuroSCART to mini adapter.
  • OSSC (Open Source Scan Converter).

Notes for NESRGB and N64RGB RGB modifications – How is this cable wired?:

  • 75 Ohm resistor bridged between pins 9 (sync) and 5 (ground) inside the MultiAV plug.
  • 220uF capacitors in series with each RGB and sync line line inside the SCART plug.
Please note that we do not give advise on which cables to use for RGB modified systems, including N64’s NES’s etc. This information should be provided by the person who has done the modification work or supplied the modification kit.

Please note that this PAL Gamecube cable will only work with original GameCube console released in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. If you have an Asian or North American console (NTSC version) then you will need an s-video cable, as the NTSC doesn’t output RGB video, only s-video. This cable is specifically designed to work with PAL GameCube, and is wired identically to the original Nintendo Gamecube RGB SCART cable, model number DOL-013. This cable is not intended for use on the NTSC Super Nintendo, as our GameCube RGB SCART is wired differently to the NTSC SNES RGB SCART. All cables are tested before dispatch.

Need to breakout audio from your SCART cable? Check out this in-line adapter which extracts audio whilst maintaining the audio through the SCART cable.


Made in Great Britain. This is not an official Nintendo Product. The SCART Printed Circuit Board Design is Copyright © of Retro Gaming Cables.

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If your Nintendo console has the 12 pin MULTI OUT or AV OUT port then please read this article because even though the ports look the same on each console you may need different cables for each system.