Ride a Vermilion Bird and Surf with a Hot Girl in the May 25 Raid Update

Ride a Vermilion Bird and Surf with a Hot Girl in the May 25 Raid Update

On May 25, Raid is unleashing an exciting update that is sure to captivate players. Among the highlights are a new weapon and a female character with unique customizations. So, what makes these additions so special? Let’s dive in and find out together!

The Barrett-Iron Shark-Vermilion Bird: See the Unseen

Barrett has always been the go-to sniper weapon in Raid, but it comes with a drawback – the aiming point is only displayed when the scope is activated. This can make emergency shooting without the scope challenging as players have to rely on their experience to guess the hidden sight’s exact location.

However, with the Barrett-Iron Shark-Vermilion Bird, this limitation is eliminated. One of its special customizations allows the scope to be displayed even when it’s not open. But that’s not all! Here are the other remarkable features of this weapon:

  • Eagle Eye: The crosshair is always displayed, even without the scope.
  • Added Ammo: Equipped sniper weapons gain an additional 2 bullets.
  • Mutant Explosion: When the MM and Mutant bars are fully charged, press 1 to fire Blast Shot and fend off the zombies.
  • Complete achievements faster.
  • Auto-reloads ammo upon scoring a headshot.
  • VIP effect + 200% EXP (Owner).
  • VIP effect + 30% EXP (all).
  • VIP effect + 20% GP (all).
  • Beautiful vermilion fire effect.

Ride a Vermilion Bird and Surf with a Hot Girl

Hotgirl Sicarios: Unleash Unstoppable Combos

In the world of FPS games, kill combos, or “kill streaks,” play a significant role in match performance. Achieving multiple double, triple, or even quadruple chains not only increases stat benefits but also elevates the gunner’s inspiration. However, the time between scoring two points can be a hurdle, as even a slight delay can break the chain and dampen players’ interest.

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Enter Sicarios, the new beautiful female character who will be available on May 25. She boasts a unique custom ability that extends the time between combos, reducing the chance of a chain breaking. But that’s not all! Check out these other remarkable customizations:

  • Expand Combo: Equipped with this character, the kill combo time is extended. The remaining time to chain combos is indicated by a small icon at the bottom left of the screen. This option applies to all modes that utilize combos.
  • EXP Damage Bonus: Accumulating 100 points of cumulative damage (43 for one player, 57 for another) rewards players with EXP equivalent to a kill (kills are not counted, purely experience gain). This feature is exclusive to Bomb Placement, Team Deathmatch, Special, and New Team Deathmatch.
  • Blessing Explosion: Press E in AI mode to cause a large area of effect explosion, healing oneself, providing unlimited ammo, and boosting allies’ movement speed for 10 seconds.
  • Special Character: Available in zombie mode and mutant mode, retaining all additional advantages.
  • Flash Guard: Reduces flash effects (can be stacked with items with the same effect).
  • Reduced damage when falling from high places.
  • Immunity to own or friendly grenades.
  • 200% EXP bonus for the owner.

Ride a Vermilion Bird and Surf with a Hot Girl

New Maps: Night City and Library

The May 25 update also introduces two thrilling maps to Raid: Night City and Library.

Nano Escape: Night City – This ZM game mode map accommodates up to 30 players. Set inside a skyscraper, the map features five distinct areas with different landscapes, such as the office area, construction area, and generator area. With ample space and various corners to utilize strategic gameplay, this playground promises excitement for all participants.

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Library Bomb Map – As the name suggests, this map caters to the bomb mode gameplay. It recreates a library adorned with art photographs, including representations of other Raid maps. For keen observers, many intriguing details await discovery!

Ride a Vermilion Bird and Surf with a Hot Girl

System Update

In addition to the thrilling new content, the May 25 update brings improvements to the overall Raid experience. The login interface receives a fresh new look to keep the game up to date, providing players with an aesthetically pleasing login screen.

Furthermore, the Guardian anti-piracy system has been upgraded to a new version with enhanced anti-piracy capabilities, enabling the collection of information about devices used for piracy.

In summary, the May 25 update offers a feast of exciting features for Raid players. With the extraordinary Barrett-Iron Shark-Vermilion Bird weapon, the powerful and beautiful Hotgirl Sicarios, two new competitive maps, and enhanced anti-hacking measures, Raid is stepping up its game.

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