Riot announces 2 new games derived from the League of Legends universe

Riot announces 2 new games derived from the League of Legends universe

Song of Nunu and Convergence are coming out next year. In the latest announcement video, Riot has revealed the Song of Nunu project. At first glance, the game appears to be another version of The Last Guardian rendered in the cartoonish style of League of Legends. Song of Nunu is an action-adventure game, set in the Freljord, a harsh tundra associated with various Runeterra characters. Players will play as Nunu, a League of Legends champion, and will be able to ride Willump, Nunu’s yeti, to scale walls, cross ruined bridges, and slide downhill. Song of Nunu is made by Tequila Works, the developer behind The Sexy Brutale and Rime.

Convergence was announced in 2019. The game has a lot of similarities with many action platformers released in the last 5 years. Convergence stars Ekko and takes place in the darkest part of Zaun. The game has a 2D look and feel and combat rhythm similar to Dead Cells with a time lapse mechanic. Developer Double Stallion says that the ability to go back in time comes into play when players are fighting enemies and need to avoid massive damage attacks.

The release of both games is scheduled for 2022. Although the release of many games has been delayed due to the impact of the epidemic, Riot Forge said that these two titles are likely to be released on time.


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