Riot’s fighting game project will be released for free

Riot's fighting game project will be released for free

The MultiVersus fighting game was released as a free game and has been very successful. The game allows players to fight some Warner Bros characters but lock other characters behind a paid wall. Project L will follow a monetization scheme similar to the one Riot recently confirmed that the fighting game in the League of Legends universe will be released for free.

In the latest development update, Project L project manager Tom Cannon shared Riot’s plan to monetize Project L, joining the ranks of MultiVersus, Smash Versus, and Brawlhala as a free-to-play fighting game. “We want you to be able to play regardless of factors like location, personal skill, or amount paid for the game,” Cannon said. So I’m happy to confirm that Project L will be released for free. We promise to respect both your time and your wallet.”

Cannon also updated Project L’s progress that everything was on track, but did not mention a release date. “We’re working on core mechanics right now, and a lot of the staff has moved on to developing champions, building out game features like competitive elements and the social interaction system.”

In addition, the fifth character in the opening generals of Project L was also revealed. It was Illaoi, the oracle of the Great God of Water who would use a golden colossus to drain the souls of his enemies from his body to feed the ancient god. Illaoi has been a mainstay of League of Legends for seven years and the goddess of water will be no less powerful when she appears in Project L.

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