Rockstar confirms Grand Theft Auto 6

Rockstar confirms Grand Theft Auto 6

Rockstar Games has confirmed that “a sequel to the Grand Theft Auto series is in development.” While this news is certainly not surprising given the GTA series that has been around for over 24 years and the incredible success of Grand Theft Auto V (as of November 2021, the title has sold 155 million copies).

In a new Newswire post, Rockstar said: “Given the unprecedented longevity of GTA V, we know that many players have raised questions about the newest game in the Grand Theft Auto series. With each new project we take on, our goal is to always go beyond what we’ve released before, and we’re pleased to confirm that development on the next Grand Theft Auto series is ongoing.”


Although no details about the game have been revealed, the studio expressed that they hope to share more as soon as everything is ready, so fans should follow Rockstar Newswire for official updates. . A lot of people are very excited about the prospect of Grand Theft Auto 6, especially when it’s a completely new part rather than a spin-off or remaster.

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