SBTC League of Legends officially disbanded after just one season of competition

SBTC League of Legends officially disbanded after just one season of competition

A few hours ago, SBTC Esports announced to fans some unfortunate and unpredictable news: SBTC’s League of Legends team will officially disband after the VCS 2021 Spring season ends. So, after just one season of competition, SBTC League of Legends: The team expected to win the championship will officially say goodbye to the audience.

Although it’s sad, it’s time to say goodbye…

Before VCS Spring 2021 officially began, SBTC League of Legends was considered one of the brightest candidates for the championship. The lineup of stars such as Zeros, Dia1, Celebrity, Slay and Noway has made the fan community believe that Master Ba’s team will “make waves” in the Vietnamese League of Legends professional tournament.

However, this star-studded team does not go hand in hand with good results: after the 2021 VCS Spring Qualifier ended, SBTC failed to reach the top 4, which disappointed many people and thought that this is a consequence of disagreements internal affairs and the impact of the “scandal” of the former Zeros player’s stupid statement.


With a team full of stars with big egos, it is very difficult for the team to play with the correct strategy when everyone wants to be the center of the game. This caused Master Ba’s army to only be in fifth place after the Qualifying Round ended. Since its official creation, Teacher Ba and Ba Tu (director Cao Le Tuan Tu) have encountered many difficulties in maintaining an all-star team without sponsors. Not to mention the damage SBTC suffered after Sena’s “third billion” scandal or Zeros’ “underground” jokes and statements.

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SBTC League of Legends will disband the entire current team, it is unclear where the players will go in the future and what Tinikun’s business will be like now that the SBTC name is only in memory. On top of that, Team Valorant and League of Legends: Wild Rift will bring the SBTC name to other esports segments.

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