Scaramouche: New Genshin Impact 5-Star Character Ability Set


scaramouche – The 5-star character of the Phong system is probably one of the character lines invested and appreciated by miHoYo for the longest time with more than 2 years of waiting for fans.

If you are a ‘wibu god’ or a ‘fan’ of Genshin Impact, we cannot fail to mention the wanderer Scaramouche, the character known as the destroyer of the nation!

Scaramouche 5 Star Character – Wanderer

If you follow Genshin events regularly, surely we all know that in Genshin Impact patch 3.3, there will be two more new characters, Scaramouche (Wanderer) and Faruzan. However, today we will talk about the tramp first.

scaramouche also known as Kunikuzushi, he is known as the Destroyer of the Nation, also known as Balladeer, a sixth enforcer out of the 11 enforcers in Fatui.


Scaramouche Biography

scaramouche introduced by Genshin Impact as a 5-star wind-type character, with an exclusive set of abilities and weapons designed by miHoYo himself and for this drifter. Although officially released to the Genshin audience, Scaramouche appeared once in version 1.1 as a villain. Scaramouche first appeared to the public through the encounter at the ‘The Star Has Not Returned’ event.

“Eternity can stretch out to infinity, but every milestone within it will grow infinitely weak. It’s like a bubble, it’s beautiful, but it has to disappear in an instant.”


scaramouche He is described as a slender-figured man with five harmonious senses, full of talent. scaramouche Although he is of rather modest height, instead, he has the appearance of a young teenager in his early twenties, with indigo hair covering his forehead, highlighting his bright brown eyes. scaramouche middle of the night

Costume of scaramouche Generally not too complicated, he was wearing a black pantsuit to match his comedy. An oversized hat with four curved hooks oriented along the circumference, accompanied by red string decoration hanging down the back of the hat to accentuate the outfit. Also, the bottom of the hat is embroidered with Kanji, probably the symbol of the clan.


Scaramouche’s Journey

Besides, scaramouche he appeared in the event quest ‘Danger of Contagion’ when he introduced himself as ‘the stray from Inazuma’. Learning of the Traveler’s identity as the ‘Honored Knight’ of Mondstadt, Scaramouche was initially friendly, though he managed to defeat them before Mona realized his plan.

scaramouche he went to Liyue to investigate meteorites, but he fell into a long sleep in which he realized that the sky and stars were lies, and was sent by a guy named Joker without warning.


scaramouche he then secretly traveled to Inazuma to monitor the operation of the Delusion factory, where he encountered the Traveler. However, Scarmouche chose a simple method instead of direct confrontation, causing them to succumb to the wrath of the Old Gods.

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After gaining Gnosis, Scaramouche cut off all contact with the land of Fatui, which is why he was called a traitor by the people of this place. Details vềScaramouche Before you join Fatui, you can watch it on genshin-impact.fandom!

Scaramouche skill set

Let’s see which Scaramouche wanderer possesses a 5-star Wind-type skill set!

active ability

normal hit: Scaramouche will launch an attack on the opponent with the wind sword, this weapon is presented as a very high damage material for the opponent, especially Scaramouche will take 3 turns for this attack skill.


Hit strike: When performing this attack, the Scaramouche character will take a lot of physical damage. However, he will deal wind damage to the enemy when he builds up enough wind pressure.

Attack when responding: Scaramouche uses the energy of the wind to fly from above, dealing heavy damage to the opponent if hit by this attack.

elemental skills

Elemental skills will help Scaramouche condense power, avoiding the area affected by gravity, so that the activated Wind element will easily create a large friction force to deal heavy damage to the opponent. At this time, Scaramouche will enter the state of ‘Favoring Wind’.


However, High-flying Wind will not support Scaramouche’s attack upon landing. In the case of a strong attack, the skill will immediately change the tolerance of Void – Unborn and Void – Wind. Scaramouche can increase the damage range thanks to this ability, especially, the damage is usually counted as normal attack and strong attack.

When in the high-flying wind state, Scarmouche will always float and also appear to consume energy like:

Air Resilience: To maintain flight or accelerate during an air attack. Also, clicking the jump button will also consume a large amount of Scaramouche’s ability.

scaramoucheElemental Skill Scaramouche

elemental fury

Scaramouche will compress air into a vacuum, helping to remove any obstructions involved so you can multiply damage in AoE.

passive skills

Scaramouche activates two basic passives when using this passive ability.

Basic Passive – Vortex Bow: Mora’s mana will be consumed by 50% when passing through bow and magic tool.

Passive 1 – Collect gems to flourish: If this element comes into contact with the Water, Fire, Ice or Lightning system, immediately the high-flying wind-like state will benefit from the abilities of those elements:

Water system: Stamina increased by 20%

fire system: Damage increased by 30%

Ice system: Aggression increased by 20%

Lighting system: Basic attacks restore 60% of mana, hitting targets heals for 20% over 1 second.


For this skill, Scaramouche can enjoy 2 types of buffs at the same time.

Passive 2 – Wind of Illusion: If dealing damage to an opponent with a Basic Attack while in Strong Wind, Scaramouche will have a 16% increased chance to receive the Drop effect.

In addition, this character also creates 4 wind arrows to chase the opponent when he accelerates in the air, dealing very high wind damage to the opponent.

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When attacking normally, if the character does not activate the effect, on the next attacks, the character will increase the chance of the effect appearing by 12%.

The Descent effect will be immediately canceled if the next time this Wind-type character continues to accelerate in the air in the high-flying Wind state.


Build weapons for Scaramouche

Like other 5-star characters in Genshin, Scaramouche also possesses his own unique magical weapons, Tullaytullah’s Remembrance.

Damage dealt: 47.54 – 674.33

Secondary Stats: 9.6% – 44.1%

For Tullaytullah’s Remembrance, Scaramouche’s attack speed will usually increase constantly at a rate of 10-20%.

Normal attack damage is increased by 4.8-9.6% every 12 seconds when using elemental abilities.


Alternative Weapons

Atlas towards the sky (5 sao): this weapon will help the character increase elemental damage by 12%, normal attack will be increased by 50% if this weapon is applied, it deals 160% ATK damage, however it only happens once in 30 seconds.

The Widith (4 sao): Weapon with 12% critical damage. Once this weapon is deployed when the character enters battle, a random theme song will play when the weapon is activated. The player can perform it once every 30 seconds, the prelude increases attack by 60%, the chorus increases damage to all elements by 48%, and the chorus increases elemental mastery by 240.

The set of holy relics suitable for Scaramouche

2 Piece Set Effect: Wind elemental damage is increased by 15%

Effect set of 4 pieces: When the opponent is hit by charged attack damage, their normal attack speed will be increased by 10%, and their normal and charged attack damage will be increased by 30% for 10 seconds.

Endless Stream of Memories (x4): Basic attack damage is increased by 50% for 10 seconds when using E.

Wandering Company of the Continent (x4): The damage of charged attacks is increased by 35%, preventing Scaramouche from wasting health while flying if he fires a charged attack.

The Proper Lineup for Scaramouche

As a wind element, the drifter will fight well when fighting Faruzan and Yun Jin.

Faruzan can help Scaramouche because his feather can increase Anemo’s damage by 40% to allies at level 9. Additionally, there is also 40% Anemo recovery. If Scaramouche is going to war, he needs this girl.


Yun Jin is also quite a suitable character for the bum when in the squad because Yun Jin is the perfect support for most characters that use basic attacks.


elemental support

Scaramouche needs field time, his ability has a short cooldown of only 6 seconds so the player can execute any type. The best items are Pyro and Cryo (30% ATK and 20% Critical Rate) for extra damage. Hydrogen is moderately useful, while Electro is useless because Wanderer doesn’t need ER.

  • Tape support: Layla, Shenhe, Ganyu, Diona
  • Fire Support: Bennett, Xiangling, Yoimiya
  • Mercury Support: Yelan, Xingqiu
  • Support Law: fish


then it is Updated quite detailed information about the champions. scaramouche It’s the last thing for you. Hopefully through the article below it will give you the best experience after hours of study and work stress.

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