Sea Of Dawn – New naval MMORPG starring Johnny Depp

Sea Of Dawn - New naval MMORPG starring Johnny Depp

Sea of ​​Dawn, also known as Le Minh Chi Hai (黎明之), was first introduced at the ChinaJoy event in 2020. The game is the latest product from Thien Long Bat Bo’s creator, ChangYou studio. Sea of ​​Dawn is now available on mobile platforms with a PC client. Here are some highlights of the game:

• Sea of​​Dawn is not a sandbox game. It’s basically a theme park MMORPG with a marine theme, developed with Unity over 4 years. The estimated development cost is around $35 million.

• Players cannot arbitrarily navigate through the ocean, as the game has locked portals by levels. Port cities also have a similar mechanism, players must fight and gain access. Maps take time to load.

• Sea of ​​Dawn has 4 character classes, including unique classes like Ammunition Specialist. The fifth new layer is being prepared for the October 2022 content update.

• Most of the locations, ships and some characters in the game are based on real life. Players can expand their historical knowledge by participating in the game.

• Players will spin the gacha to collect new crew members and assign them to different parts of the ship, similar to Fallout Shelter.

• Unlike sandbox games, shipbuilding materials do not come from the natural environment. Players need to collect materials through quests, trades, etc.


• Sea of ​​​​​​Dawn has both PVE and naval PVP mode and also a PK specific ocean map at higher levels.

• Famous American actor, Johnny Depp is the official representative of the game in China.

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