Sea of Stars Mr. Chest: How to Win

Sea of Stars Mr. Chest: How to Win
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Are you trying to win the chest minigame in the Port Town of Brisk with the three chests? Let’s see how to win the Mr. Chest challenge in Sea of Stars.

To win this challenge, you must find the 10G grand prize five times.

While there’s no cheat way to get the answer as there was in Edward’s Roulette Wheel in Sea of Stars where you could pay a guy outside for the solution, there’s a workaround.

In this guide, I will explain how to win the Mr. Chest minigame in Sea of Stars to help you get your hands on the sweet reward that follows after.

Mr. Chest Minigame Location

To find Mr. Chest in Sea of Stars, head to the Port Town of Brisk. From the save point, head left and up the stairs, and follow the grassy path until you reach his house with the open door.

Within the building you’ll notice an NPC (Mr. Chest) and three chests in front of him. That’s where the minigame starts, so get ready to test your luck.

How to Win Mr. Chest Minigame in Sea of Stars

To participate in Mr. Chest’s minigame, you’ll need to pay 5G. Then, you can select one of the three chests to open and your goal is to find the chest with 10G five times.

There are three possible rewards, one in each chest: 10G, 2G, and nothing.

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Thus, there’s always a one-in-three chance to get the 10G chest that you want. However, in the other two cases, you’ll be losing money. Especially if you’re low on gold, this can significantly hurt your wallet.

The good news is that you don’t have to guess right five times in a row to get the reward. Instead, you simply need to guess right five times, regardless of how many times you get it wrong in between.

Thus, you can brute force your way through, but you may end up losing a lot of gold. If you’re going for this method, check out our guide on how to make gold fast in Sea of Stars.

Unfortunately, there is no way to cheat in this game. The only way to win the Mr. Chest minigame in Sea of Stars is by being lucky enough (or simply trying enough times) to get the right chest five times.

However, there is a small workaround. What you can do is save the game, head to Mr. Chest and pay 5G, unlock a chest of your choice, and either save the game again if it’s the right one, or go back to the main menu and retry if it’s the wrong one.

Keep repeating until you get the 10G chest five times.

As a reward for completing the Mr. Chest challenge, you’ll get a Rainbow Conch.

Collecting all Rainbow Conches is an essential step if you want to get the true ending in Sea of Stars.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, to win the Mr. Chest challenge in Sea of Stars, either brute force your way until you get the 10G chest five times, or save and restart after opening the wrong chest to make sure you won’t lose any money.

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As a reward, you’ll get a Rainbow Conch, which is essential for getting the True Ending later on.

How did you solve Mr. Chest’s challenge? If you decided to brute force your way through, how many tries did it take you? Let us know of your experiences in the comments below.

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