Season Server – New 9D or new way to play?

Season Server - New 9D or new way to play?

On September 6, Cuu Long Tranh Ba will officially open a special server with many new changes that promise to cheer up the Vietnamese gaming community. As the name suggests, ‘Season Server – Kowloon Season 1’ will operate on a 3-month cycle with many features and benefits that break the current rules of the game so that players can get new rewards, new and unique experiences such as: Optimization of PK activities and events; Level up super fast thanks to additional effects that increase the character’s experience and skills; unleash monster farming with extremely high item drop rate; Completely get over the team cheating bug and minimize the hacking situation to create a healthy playground for those who love 9D to try.

In particular, the most attractive point of the Season Server is: after 3 months of joining the season server with optimal NPH support, if the player reaches level 250 or higher, he will be able to transfer his character with all character resources. sets (equipment, items…) from the season server to the current main servers, along with the opportunity to permanently own the most powerful weapon in the game today: Bach Long Vu Hai.


For a farmer, the season server is an opportunity to compete with the giants, because the cash shop system of the season server is super cheaply priced compared to the current cash shop in the game. In addition, a series of special events dedicated to the seasonal server with extremely valuable gifts will be essential equipment for farmers, such as: gifts from veterans, level up to receive gifts, login to receive gifts, get online gifts, play games gifts, special monthly support benefits…

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To know more details about the new 9D server, players can visit HERE.