Seriously Shocked by Male Idol Scandal: Nghich Thuy Han Offers Free Name Changes for Players with ID Ngo Diec Pham

Seriously shocked by male idol scandal, Nghich Thuy Han allows players with ID Ngo Diec Pham to change their names for free

The Chinese entertainment industry has been rocked by the recent scandal involving Wu Yifan, a renowned Chinese singer. The shocking incident has not only captured the attention of Chinese audiences but has also sparked discussions among netizens from Vietnam and Korea. The news about this scandal is spreading so rapidly that people are afraid of missing out on any updates.

It has recently come to light that Ngo Diec Pham, Wu Yifan’s alleged ex-girlfriend, and several other women have accused him of alcohol consumption, rape, and involvement with underage girls. Reports suggest that the male singer would often use the pretense of casting these women as the female lead in a music video or fan meeting to lure them to hotels, where he would engage in inappropriate behavior. Ngo Diec Pham even promised to reward these women with luxury items worth approximately 10,000 yuan (35 million VND) if they could introduce him to other young girls.

As a result of this scandal, several prominent brands such as Lancome, Porsche, Bvlgari, Vuong Gia Vinh Dieu, and Tencent Video have all terminated their contracts with Ngo Diec Pham. However, the gaming community was taken by surprise when Ngoc Thuy Han, a well-known Chinese sword game, made a groundbreaking announcement. The game’s management, Nghich Thuy Han, declared that it would offer all players with the ID “Ngo Diec Pham” a chance to change their names for free.

In light of this development, all players meeting the specified criteria will receive a free name change card. This news from editor Nghich Thuy Han has created quite a stir within the gaming community. Many players now realize the significance of this incident and will likely think twice before using the names of famous individuals as their in-game IDs. The lesson learned here is that in the event of a scandal, there may not be enough time to “turn things around.”

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Nghich Thuy Han informs players with ID "Ngo Diec Pham" to change their name for free