Sifu will conquer Xbox and Steam users next year

Sifu will conquer Xbox and Steam users next year

According to the development roadmap revealed earlier this year, the Kungfu action title will get a new arena mode in the winter update. Additionally, Sifu will also be officially released for Xbox and Steam users just over a year after the game was released exclusively on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation.

The upcoming arena mode will pit the unsung hero against a wave of opponents to unlock new mods that double the current number and offer alternate moves to the main character’s current set of Kungfu skills. Players can also unlock new outfits after completing arena challenges.

Sifu comes to Steam and Xbox after a year of exclusivity on PlayStation and Epic Games Store. During that time, developer Sloclap has been constantly adding content to his martial arts masterpiece, including gameplay mods, new outfits, tighter difficulty options, plus advanced training for students wanting to become a true martial artist.

Sloclap says that Sifu’s winter update will go live sometime in March 2023, around the same time the game is available on Steam and Xbox. Readers can add Sifu to their wishlist from now on to get notified when the release date is announced.


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