Similarities between the two world champions Messi and Deft

Điểm tương đồng giữa hai nhà vô địch thế giới 2022

After the complete victory of Messi In the 2022 World Cup, many fans couldn’t help but think of Deft’s defending champion in the 2022 World Cup, when both had a “miracle last dance” to reach the peak of their careers.

The journey to the top of Captain Messi’s career

On the night of December 18 and early on the 19th, football fans in general and Messi in particular witnessed the best game in the history of the sport between France and Argentina.

France vs Argentina in the final of the Russia 2022 World CupFrance vs Argentina in the final of the Russia 2022 World Cup

It must be said that 2022 is a year in which we will witness legendary “last dance” performances by the old names of world sports in general and esports in particular.

It can be said that the fact that Deft won the championship with DRX was never something that the player dared to think about. So coming to Worlds 2022, Skilled he can defeat even fierce warriors like GEN.G or T1 to ascend to the throne, drawing a fairy tale about the journey to the top of his career.

Likewise, in World Cup 2022 This year we have the legendary Messi, known as the “authentic Rosario”, cheeky and liberal at every step on the pitch.

The moment in which Messi raised the gold cup of the worldThe moment in which Messi raised the gold cup of the world

Messi’s fever has never been higher since he and his teammates won the Netherlands. Regardless of the reason, whether Messi won the World Cup or not, he is still the best player in the world.

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With the golden trophy in hand after a fierce chase with French team Mbappé, Argentina can finally stand proudly at the pinnacle of world soccer glory. Messi deserves what he has dedicated to football in his country and in the world, Messi is the greatest and best Argentinian player in the world!

Argentina lifts the gold cup at the 2022 World CupArgentina lifts the gold cup at the 2022 World Cup

Similarities between the two defending champions Messi and Deft

The journey to the championship throne is an incredibly thorny road. If Argentina has to fight to find the world championship trophy, DRX is the cross country warrior with the first World Championship trophy.

Similarities Between Argentina and XRDSimilarities Between Argentina and XRD

A famous team of world sports and an “odd” name of esports, both similarities make for a great win in 2022, closing out a significant and explosive 2022. More than ever.

What makes the two bring so many emotions to viewers is the harmony on the long journey to the top of their careers. Regardless of the fact that the two have gradually moved to the other side of the slope of their careers, Messi and Deft have always delivered spectacular matches and quickly inspired fans with many significant moments with their “last dance together.”

Messi – the most famous name of the Argentina national team and Deft – the male lead of the anime finally won the glorious trophy after 9 years of competition.

They are all warriors with passionate blood and brave hearts, devoted to the dream they pursue. As both seasons came to an end, we thought this would be the last performance for both of them in world sport, but no! Both made the decision to continue competing for their careers to conquer new heights.

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In addition, fans also find a lot of similarities between Deft and Messi, between DRX and Argentina, it seems that 2022 is the legendary aura of the champions.

Same color blue – white shirt

Table C together

Both have two senior captains.

Together there is teamwork and the strength of friendship.

Lose the same match in the group stage match.


The year 2022 has officially closed the beautiful path of explosive sports tournaments, be it traditional sports or e-sports, all of which bring certain emotions to fans. Hopefully, with the open future ahead, the world of sports will continue to write new pages for history, opening the door to connect all hearts with one love!

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