Singer Khanh Phuong Unveils Guild Recruitment Message for Vo Lam Ky Hiep

Singer Khanh Phuong suddenly posted a message to form a guild and recruit members of the Vo Lam Ky Hiep group.

The world of Vo Lam Ky Hiep has been buzzing with excitement since its official release by NPH Gamota. This sensational game has captured the hearts of thousands of Vietnamese players within just 60 minutes of its launch, skyrocketing to the top of the Popularity, Action, and Role-playing charts. The game’s allure continued to grow, attracting nearly 100,000 registered players in just 48 hours, leading to the activation of 22 servers to accommodate the massive influx of gamers. It’s no surprise that the classic Kim Dung sword set has such an extraordinary appeal.

A Surprising Twist: Khanh Phuong Enters the Game

Just when the heat surrounding Vo Lam Ky Hiep seemed to simmer down, the late-night appearance of the handsome actor Khanh Phuong, transforming into Quach, left fans bewildered once again. Known for his hits such as “Warm Scarf for the Wind” and “Adoring a Love,” Khanh Phuong is a beloved figure among young people. With his charming looks and warm voice, he has won the affection of many fans. Thus, his unexpected presence in Vo Lam Ky Hiep took everyone by surprise.

Khanh Phuong in Vo Lam Ky Hiep

Khanh Phuong: The Game’s Brand Ambassador

To celebrate the game’s launch, Vo Lam Ky Hiep announced none other than Khanh Phuong as its brand ambassador. With her vibrant image and wide reach, Khanh Phuong was the perfect choice to spread the message of “Vo Lam Ky Hiep-Rewrite Kim Dung’s Secret History” using her positive and cheerful energy. During the collaboration process, Khanh Phuong developed a fondness for the character Quach Tinh and swiftly created her own game account to explore and embark on adventures.

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Khanh Phuong as the brand ambassador

Forming a Clan and Recruiting Members

Shortly after immersing herself in the game, Khanh Phuong took the initiative to form a clan and recruit fellow players to compete and strive for the top spot together. This call to action received an overwhelming response from fans, eager to join forces with the renowned singer and save the world within this unique gaming universe.

Khanh Phuong's clan recruitment message

The Marvels of Vo Lam Ky Hiep

Since its release on June 15, 2021, Vo Lam Ky Hiep has captivated the Vietnamese gaming community with its immersive swordplay. As an MMORPG masterpiece, the game not only brings together nearly 150 martial arts heroes but also boasts a super diverse skill system. Players can freely customize their characters with a staggering array of 48 skills, including 24 active and 24 passive skills for each class.

The mesmerizing world of Vo Lam Ky Hiep

Embrace the Adventure

If you’re a fan of Kim Dung’s novels, don’t hesitate any longer. Join the Vo Lam Ky Hiep community and stay updated on the latest news and thrilling events by visiting their fan page at Capturing Fantasy.

Embark on the journey of Vo Lam Ky Hiep

Vo Lam Ky Hiep is much more than just a game – it’s an immersive experience that allows you to rewrite the secret history of Kim Dung’s legendary world. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary adventure, where you can fight alongside Khanh Phuong and save the virtual realm from impending doom. Join the guild, recruit allies, and together, let’s conquer this captivating fantasy!