Sky Children of the Light is coming to PlayStation

Sky Children of the Light is coming to PlayStation

Sky Children of the Light, Thatgamecompany’s engaging online role-playing game, is coming to PlayStation. This relaxing game was first released on iOS in 2019, and a year later, Android users were able to experience the game as well. After that, the Nintendo Switch version continued to be released in 2021.

Sky: Children of the Light is an open world game that attracts a lot of players. In the world of Sky: Children of the Light, players glide and fly through lush green environments, deserts, and forests, collecting candles to power their wings, and discovering secrets and stories of spirits. The community element of the game is also well built, players can chat with each other in the game and even team up to adventure together.


Thatgamecompany’s goal throughout the development of Sky was to expand the game so that players could find themselves in the world of Sky Children without the platform barrier. With the next version released on PlayStation, the community of lights (Sky Children players) will be expanded.

Thatgamecompany highlights that thanks to cross-play, the upcoming PlayStation port will allow Sky Children players to meet up with friends on mobile or Switch. The upcoming beta test update for PlayStation will have certain changes compared to the beta test.

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