Unravel the Mystery with Sleuth

Unravel the Mystery with Sleuth

Are you ready to step into the shoes of a seasoned detective? In the captivating game of Sleuth, a murder has just taken place, and it’s up to you to solve the crime. Mingle with the house guests and meticulously search the house for clues until you uncover the truth. Each game of Sleuth presents a unique challenge, so make sure to thoroughly explore every nook and cranny each time you play.

Navigating the House

To navigate through the house, use the four cursor keys (udrl) located on the numeric keypad. Exercise caution while moving on the stairways, as you need to change direction when moving from one floor to another.

Searching for Clues

You can search rooms, people, and objects by using simple phrases like “Examine Door,” “Search Victoria,” or “Look at Jar.” When you want to question or accuse a person, simply type in their first name. However, keep in mind that the characters in the game can be moody and may not always provide immediate answers to your questions. They also tend to be restless and will move around the house during the game.

The murder weapon will become evident as soon as you examine the correct object. Make sure to find the magnifying glass first to conduct a thorough search of the various objects. It’s advisable not to pick up the weapon right away, as the murderer might grow nervous if you carry around the evidence. In case you accidentally pick up the object too early, you can always drop it. Just be aware that once dropped, the object may end up in an unpredictable location.

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Unraveling the Mystery

Discovering the scene of the murder can be challenging, as thoroughly examining every inch of the house with the magnifying glass is rarely possible. Thankfully, one of the observant guests will likely notice something amiss at some point during the game. Pay close attention to their behavior to uncover the murder room.

The murderer will be the person whose alibi contradicts those given by the other guests. It’s crucial to keep track of everyone’s story. Once you have identified both the murderer and the murder room, waste no time in obtaining the murder weapon. Then, quickly make your way to the murder room, gather all the suspects together, and accuse the person you believe to be guilty. But be cautious! The murderer is highly suspicious and may try to eliminate you before you have a chance to make any accusations.

Your Strategies Matter

Playing Sleuth involves learning the strategy through experience. As the game changes each time you play, make sure to fully explore the house. Don’t overlook the room with no obvious entrances, as the murder weapon is often discarded there, and occasionally, the murder itself takes place in that room. The occupants of the house will be moving around throughout the game. If you ever find yourself confused about who is currently in the house, you can request a guest list.

As your investigation progresses, the murderer will grow suspicious and may plot your demise. If you haven’t figured out the identity of the murderer by this point, your chances of survival are slim. Beware!

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To add an extra layer of intrigue, you can personalize the game by populating the house with people you already know. Simply select the “Personalized” option at the beginning of the game, and the computer will prompt you to enter the names of seven people, including six suspects and one victim.

Sleuth utilizes a limited vocabulary, so only one or two words are necessary to communicate your intentions. For convenience, you can abbreviate “Question” as “Q” and “Examine” as “Ex.” Should you encounter any difficulties, typing “Help” will provide you with a summary of these instructions. You can also quit or restart the game at any time. To obtain a hard copy of these instructions, press the “PrtSc” key as each page is displayed. Once you exit these instructions, you’ll be all set to immerse yourself in the world of Sleuth. Good luck!

P.S. Keep in mind that you cannot use the four cursor keys (udrl) while typing in other information. To clear the message line at the bottom of the screen, simply use the backspace key or the “Esc” key.


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