Smash Legends reached 1 million downloads after just 5 days of release

Smash Legends reached 1 million downloads after just 5 days of release

Smash Legends is a real-time multiplayer action PvP game developed by LINE Games. Just 5 days after its launch for iOS and Android, Smash Legends has reached one million downloads.

With so much success, Smash Legends is receiving rave reviews from many different sources, as well as being featured in several famous gaming magazines. The 3D action game from LINE Games was released on April 13 and is receiving a lot of attention in Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan. According to the App Markets ranking, Smash Legends is currently the most popular game in Italy and is ranked between fourth and sixth in Hong Kong and Taiwan, respectively.

With such a successful start, you can see that players are enjoying the short, action-packed matches that Smash Legends brings. An important part of this success is the fact that the game supports up to 13 different languages, creating the conditions for hundreds of players to enjoy the game in their native language.

A representative from LINE Games said that the gaming company is very happy that Smash Legends has received positive feedback from players around the world. Listening to its players, LINE will try to return all their love and support with continuous updates and better quality of service in the near future.


To celebrate this first success, the publisher decided to give away the Peter skin to all players, in addition to having a 2-week event with many attractive rewards such as gems, coins, super special chests, key duplicators,…

Smash Legends is now available for pre-registration on GooglePlay and AppStore.

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