Unveiling the Secrets of SOMA’s Frightening Monsters: A Comprehensive Guide

Unveiling the Secrets of SOMA's Frightening Monsters: A Comprehensive Guide
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Are you ready to explore the chilling depths of SOMA and face its terrifying monsters head-on? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to understand and overcome these daunting foes. Just remember, spoilers lie ahead, so proceed with caution!

General Information & Tips

Before we dive into the specifics of each monster, let’s go over some essential tips that apply to all encounters in SOMA. Each enemy in this game behaves differently and requires a unique approach. Keep an eye out for glitches on your screen and flickering lights as they indicate an enemy’s proximity. Remember, you can often find safety on tables or in vents, but distance is crucial. Once a monster starts chasing you, they won’t give up easily, unlike in Amnesia.

Here are some additional pointers to keep in mind:

  • Doors won’t guarantee your safety as monsters can open them. Consider leaving doors open for a quick escape, except when dealing with Jin Yoshida.
  • Avoid direct eye contact with monsters whenever possible. Looking at them increases your visibility, as your character can panic, attracting unwanted attention.
  • Keep your hands free and avoid toggling your flashlight or holding objects when enemies are nearby, even if they seem blind or deaf. Trust me, it’s a deadly mistake I’ve made too many times.
  • Monsters won’t kill you instantly. Typically, it takes 2-3 hits for you to meet a blurry fate. However, dying in this state brings the risk of a real death. To heal, plunge your wounded arm into one of the glowing WAU flowers scattered throughout the game. Remember, you can only use each flower once.

Now, let’s delve into the thrilling encounter with each monster!

1. Construct

SOMA - All Monsters Information Explained + Hiding Spot - 1. Construct

This robot will be the first enemy you encounter in SOMA. As you awaken in Upsilon, you’ll stumble upon a seemingly harmless mocking bird hanging from the “Machine Hangar” wall. However, as you venture into the adjacent room, the bird springs to life. This Construct will attack when you attempt to open the door leading out of the area. Remember, staying hidden and keeping your distance is crucial to survival during this encounter.

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2. Scavenger

SOMA - All Monsters Information Explained + Hiding Spot - 2. Scavenger

The Scavenger is relatively harmless compared to other monsters in the game. You’ll encounter them along the path between Upsilon and Lambda. They are slow and easy to outrun, so sneaking or running past them should pose no challenge.

3. Flesher/Jiangshi

SOMA - All Monsters Information Explained + Hiding Spot - 3. Flesher/Jiangshi

The Flesher, also known as Jiangshi, is blind and deaf but can sense proximity and eye contact. It will teleport closer or attack if you get too near or maintain eye contact for too long. To avoid this terrifying enemy, keep moving, and avoid hiding in corners unless it’s absolutely safe. Remember, never close doors when dealing with a Flesher as they can teleport.

4. Proxy/Coral Puppet/Terry Akers

SOMA - All Monsters Information Explained + Hiding Spot - 4. Proxy/Coral Puppet/Terry Akers

In Theta, you’ll encounter both regular Proxies and the specific entity named Terry Akers. These enemies are blind but possess excellent hearing. They react to sound and movement, making stealth crucial when dealing with them. Crawling quietly, stopping in corners, and reducing the noise you make are effective strategies. Be wary of using your flashlight, as it can attract their attention. Remember, the Proxies can even hear you toggling it on and off through closed doors.

5. Robot Head Girl

SOMA - All Monsters Information Explained + Hiding Spot - 5. Robot Head Girl

The Robot Head Girl awaits you on the third level of Omicron. She is unique among the monsters as she remains stationary and won’t attack unless agitated. The Robot Head Girl doesn’t react to sound or sight but responds solely to movement. When agitated, she emits a warning light and a cry, demanding you to stop moving momentarily. To avoid her lethal wrath, stay still during her agitation and resume crawling afterward. Remember, running past her during certain encounters can be the best strategy.

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6. Leviathan

SOMA - All Monsters Information Explained + Hiding Spot - 6. Leviathan

Leviathan, the mighty beast lurking in the depths, fears the light. Following the illuminated path is your key to survival during encounters with this formidable creature. However, be mindful of its change in behavior. Once in attack mode, it won’t shy away from illuminated areas. Listen to the ambience music; when it starts playing, you’ll know you’re safe from Leviathan’s wrath.

7. Viperfish/Anglerfish

SOMA - All Monsters Information Explained + Hiding Spot - 7. Viperfish/Anglerfish

The Viperfish and Anglerfish inhabit the dark abyss of SOMA. The Viperfish move in flocks and pose little threat as long as you keep moving and follow the illuminated path. Be cautious of the Anglerfish’s light; running into it without identifying it correctly will result in an attack. Stick to the path, evade the Anglerfish’s light, and you’ll be safe.

8. Jin Yoshida/Deep Sea Diver

SOMA - All Monsters Information Explained + Hiding Spot - 8. Jin Yoshida/Deep Sea Diver

TAU holds the eerie encounter with Jin Yoshida, a relentless foe with heightened senses. Yoshida can detect movement, sound, and even eye contact, making staying still a fatal mistake. Instead, keep moving swiftly and close doors behind you to confuse him. Avoid eye contact for extended periods, as it might trigger an immediate attack. Jin Yoshida’s abilities make this encounter particularly tense, but remember, it’s relatively short-lived.

9. Johan/Jonathan Ross

SOMA - All Monsters Information Explained + Hiding Spot - 9. Johan/Jonathan Ross

Johan/Jonathan Ross, the enigmatic figure throughout SOMA, is not inherently harmful. He flickers in and out of sight, appearing before you at various locations. Ross won’t attack you except in one story-related instance. Don’t be unnerved by his presence; he’s mostly harmless and won’t interfere with your progress.

And there you have it—a comprehensive guide to the frightful monsters lurking within SOMA’s depths. Use these insights wisely to navigate the treacherous world of the game. Remember, study their behavior, adapt your approach, and be prepared to face the horrors that await you. If you have any further contributions to this guide, feel free to share and help make it even better!

Enjoy your journey into the mysteries of SOMA, and may you emerge victorious!

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