Sonic the speed hedgehog is about to make a spectacular landing on Netflix in December

Sonic Prime

Uncle sonic speed hedgehog I have never been out of heat! Recently, Sonic The Hedgehogg suddenly announced that the speed game Sonic will have a spectacular return on the Netflix platform. As long as it is related to Sonic the hedgehog, it will definitely create a global earthquake!

Sonic the fast hedgehog adventure

After a series of resounding successes of Sonic the Hedgehog With the rise of Sonic Boom (2014), recently Sonic Prime has been officially released to the audience to continue the adventure story of the speedy blue hedgehog.

Sonic Prime the speed hedgehog Sonic charactersonic speed hedgehog

Sonic Prime – Journey to explore the multiverse

Sonic Prime: The next movie on the Netflix platform is the story of the adventure journey of sonic speed hedgehog with a group of best friends Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Rouge the Bat in an encounter with “mad doctor” Eggman. If you are a die-hard fan of the Sonic game, you won’t be unfamiliar with these popular names, right?

Sonic Prime the speed hedgehog Sonic characterSonic Prime poster on Netflix

Eggman, Speed ​​Sonic accidentally broke the crystal ball, causing the literal order of the universe to be reversed, resulting in Speed ​​Hedgehog and his teammates being reluctantly sucked into the multiverse.

Wishing to free teammates lost in different universes and return the world to its original reality, sonic velocity group he decided to venture into the Shatterverse, finding new allies willing to help rescue his friends.

Sonic Prime the speed hedgehog Sonic characterfirst sonic

Sonic Prime is the sixth film in the Sonic The Hedgehogg franchise, produced and developed by Sega, Man of Action Entertainment, and Wildbrain (in Vancouver). This is the first franchise series to be released on the streaming service. It is known that Sonic Prime will include 24 episodes, which is scheduled to premiere in December 2022. The official trailer for Sonic Prime has been officially released to the audience with eye-catching and impressive graphics!

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first sonic Sonic Prime Trailer

Maarten Weck, Vice President and CEO of WildBrain shared:

“Sonic is more popular than ever, we are pleased to see this project grow and succeed more than three hours ago, especially before launch. Sonic fans of all ages are sure to be in for a real treat!


All information about sonic speed hedgehog In Sonic Prime currently not much has been announced by the publisher, except for the introductory trailer recently posted on Youtube. However, with the success that Sonic The Hedgehogg has achieved, fans can fully expect the explosion of Sonic The Hedgehogg. speed hedgehog next!

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