Special Valentine’s Day minigame allows players to “capture” Mercy and Genji


Starting February 13, Overwatch fans can visit www.Loverwatch.gg to play the series’ first dating sim minigame, Loverwatch. According to the Overwatch 2 Season 3 blog post, Loverwatch is a dating sim game that allows players to pursue two of Overwatch’s most elite agents, Mercy and Genji. Players can successfully “fall over” their favorite characters by choosing lines in the dialogues. Certain choices will lead to a happy path, but other choices may leave the player in need of emotional healing. Players will be assisted by the cupid “Hanzo” during courtship.

The blog post is also quick to point out that the minigame doesn’t affect Overwatch’s main plot, so players shouldn’t expect their characters and Mercy or Genji to hold hands at a checkpoint later on. However, this does not mean that the experience will not affect the main game.


Players who unlock Loverwatch’s secret ending will receive their own highlight play. In addition, players can also collect 2 epic Valentine’s Day-themed skins by playing Hanzo 4v4 in limited-time mode in Overwatch 2 and completing support-themed challenges.

Loverwatch launches on February 13 and ends on February 28. According to Blizzard, the minigame experience will last about 30 minutes and will include English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French languages.

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