Star Wars Outlaws has similar gameplay to Grand Theft Auto: Tatooine

Star Wars Outlaws has similar gameplay to Grand Theft Auto: Tatooine

Ubisoft has surprised Star Wars fans with a short trailer for Star Wars Outlaws at the Xbox Summer Game Fest. However, the publisher has kept the most interesting details about the new Ubisoft Forward game. Here, Ubisoft ended the showcase with a 10-minute extended video of Outlaws gameplay and the enemies and villains players will encounter.

In Star Wars Outlaws, players will transform into Kay Vess, a scoundrel seeking freedom and a way to start a new life. Kay is an outlaw and can quickly open fire before her enemies can act. The trailer shows the Outlaws using a choice system through a scene in which Kay is given two options to bribe or not an Imperial agent. Additionally, the game features a bounty system, where Kay’s actions increase her “reputation of hers” with the Empire. As the character becomes a greater threat, the system adjusts and responds just as strongly.

The gameplay of Star Wars Outlaws is more about shooting and covert shooting. Kay’s primary weapon is a character-upgradable blaster, similar to the types of upgrades Cal Kestis can perform on his sword in Jedi: Survivor. Accompanying Kay is Nix, an alien creature that looks like a furry iguana covered in scales. Kay can order Nix to distract enemies, assist in combat, or carry valuable items for her.

Star Wars Outlaws will also feature driving segments where Kay can control a number of vehicles that appear in galaxies far away. In the trailer, viewers get to see a fast-paced chase and see Kay jump into a spaceship and then tear the TIE Warriors to pieces.

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Star Wars Outlaws has a lot of potential and is worthy enough to be a game that competes with other games in the same universe as Jedi. The game is scheduled to release in 2024.