Starfield’s New Game+ mode will have a unique and interesting change

Starfield's New Game+ mode will have a unique and interesting change

Starfield will feature a New Game+ mode, allowing players to continue to experience Bethesda’s vast sci-fi RPG even after completing the game. New Game+ is a mode that allows players to re-experience in-game content after completing unique quests with some features, items, and abilities carried over from the first game. In Elden Ring, for example, NG+ allows the player to start a new campaign with all the armor, weapons, spells, and items from the previous game. This mode opens up the opportunity for players to experiment with features, settings, and delve into some aspects of the game that they might have missed on the first playthrough without experiencing level difficulties first.

Starfield will offer a similar but also different experience, with a unique and exciting twist on NG+ mode to encourage continued replayability.” The confirmation of NG+ mode is sure to excite fans. This news also comes as a surprise to many, just like others Bethesda titles like Skyrim and Fallout 4 do not have New Game+ mode.

First of all, Bethesda’s open world RPGs are hard to beat if the player really wants to go through all the quests and explore the full content. Although details about NG+ mode have not been specifically revealed, it seems that through it Starfield will bring a more unique “post-island” gaming experience.

Starfield will launch on September 6 on Xbox Series X|S and PC (via Microsoft Store and Steam). The game will also be available on the Game Pass service at launch. Players who own the Premium Edition, Premium Upgrade, or Constellation Edition can experience it five days early (starting September 1).

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