Steam starts a big sale to celebrate its 20th anniversary

Steam starts a big sale to celebrate its 20th anniversary

To celebrate Steam’s 20th anniversary, Valve is offering special pricing on some of the platform’s best games over the years. Valve has also changed the store interface to look like it did in 2003 with a green background, yellow buttons, and a summary of what happened on and off the platform during each year of operation.

Just two days before the start of the promotion, some Steam users received 20 years of service badges. This is a thank you from Valve to the first people who used their client app. In 2003, Steam was the client used to run Counter-Strike before becoming the famous PC game store it is today. Steam has since changed the green background to a blue pattern and released products such as the Steam Deck, headsets, and the Valve Index VR virtual reality device. To commemorate the event, Valve took users back in time with a special website and discounts on several featured titles.

Running today through Tuesday, September 19, Steam’s 20th Anniversary Sale will offer deep discounts on all Valve titles and some of the platform’s best-selling games between 2003 and 2023. One of the games on the list Deeply discounted is Half-Life 2 along with Episode One and Episode Two DLC ($0.99 each). Games from the Counter-Strike, Portal, and Left 4 Dead series are available for $0.99 USD.

Additionally, games like Resident Evil: Village, Valheim, and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition are discounted to under $20 USD. This promotion gives PC gamers the opportunity to own some of the best-selling games at an affordable price.

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