How to Troubleshoot Issues with Purchasing Games on Steam Store

How to Troubleshoot Issues with Purchasing Games on Steam Store
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Wondering why you’re unable to purchase games on the Steam Store? In this modern age of PC gaming, digital copies of games have become the preferred choice over traditional CD installers. Not only are they more convenient, but they also offer longevity compared to physical discs. However, problems can sometimes arise on digital game distribution platforms like Steam. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t purchase games on the Steam Store, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with this troubleshooting guide.

Check Steam Servers

One of the most common reasons for being unable to purchase games on the Steam Store is server-related issues. To determine if this is the problem, you can use third-party sites like Downdetector to check the current status of Steam’s services. If there is an issue on their end, all you can do is wait for them to fix it. If the servers are working fine, proceed to the next method to troubleshoot the issue on your end.

Restart Steam

Before making any advanced changes to your settings, it’s a good idea to restart Steam. This ensures that all its resources are loaded correctly on your system and clears any temporary errors. To restart Steam, press the Windows + X keys on your keyboard, open Task Manager, go to the Processes tab, find Steam, and click on End Task. After a few seconds, relaunch Steam and check if you can now purchase games from the store.

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Check Your Network Connection

A stable internet connection is essential when purchasing games from the Steam Store. If you have a slow or unstable network, Steam may have difficulty connecting to its servers. You can check your network connection by running a test using to measure your upload and download speed. If the result shows that your connection is slow, reboot your modem or router to re-establish the link with your internet service provider. After the reboot, perform another speed test to see if the problem is resolved. If not, contact your ISP for further assistance.

Check Your Payment Method

Another reason for being unable to purchase games on the Steam Store is an issue with your payment method. Incorrect card details or incorrect credentials for your bank account can cause this problem. To fix it, visit Steam’s official website, log in to your account, click on your Profile, select Account Details, locate your current payment method under Store & Purchase History, delete it, and then refresh the Steam Store and re-add your payment method. Once done, try purchasing games again.

Cancel Previous Transactions

If you encounter errors while purchasing games on Steam, the transactions may be saved to your account as pending. In this case, it’s recommended to cancel any purchases that didn’t go through before attempting another one. Launch Steam on your PC, access your account, click on your Profile, choose Account Details, go to the Purchase & History tab, click on View Purchase History, find the game you want to purchase, and cancel the transaction. After canceling, try making another purchase on the Steam Store.

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Try Purchasing Through the Website

In some cases, the dedicated desktop app may have issues that prevent successful purchases. As an alternative, try buying games through Steam’s website. Visit the website, log in to your account, find the game you want to buy, click on Add to Cart, and select Purchase for Myself. If the transaction is successful, you can go back to the desktop app to download your new game.

Turn Off VPN

VPNs, while offering online data protection, can sometimes introduce delays to your network that can cause issues with websites and online applications. If you’re using a VPN and can’t purchase games on the Steam Store, try turning it off temporarily. Alternatively, you can switch to other VPN providers that ensure a fast and reliable network such as PureVPN.

Report the Problem to Steam

If none of the solutions mentioned above work for you, it’s time to seek assistance from Steam’s experts. Visit Steam’s Support page and get in touch with their team to report the issue you’re experiencing on the Steam Store. Provide them with your account details, the game you’re trying to purchase, and any other necessary information to help them assess the situation.

This concludes our guide on troubleshooting issues with purchasing games on the Steam Store. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to assist you. If you found this guide helpful, please consider sharing it. 🙂