Stellar Blade sets the timing of the hit action game’s release

Stellar Blade

star blade is a AAA action game developed on the Unreal Engine 4 platform, created by the Korean game publisher Studio Shift Up. The game takes place when the Earth is invaded by a strange force of aliens. Let’s find out with

Stellar Blade Action Game

Originally renamed from the Project Eve project, this highly successful game after many days of incubation can also wait for the day to officially meet the players. Recently, Studio Shift Up revealed the trailer for star blade It shows the extremely beautiful and majestic war scene.

The action game, inspired by two famous names, Nier: Automata and God of War, the gameplay of Steller Blade is mainly focused on single player.

star bladestar blade

Although the exact date is still vague, the publisher has corrected it. star blade it will be officially released to the audience in 2023 thanks to a rather long introductory trailer about the information and content of the game.

eve character

The main character featured in star blade Be EveIn addition to that, his companions also appeared with the mission to save the Earth, which was already on the brink of destruction. Players will develop a mutual relationship with Eve, helping and trusting each other to overcome all difficulties. Both of them, after completing the salvation of the Earth, will go to the city of Xion and get acquainted with the people there, rebuilding their own world.

star bladeEve

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Eve’s character is set up as a warrior who fights tenaciously against a series of large and terrifying enemies, using a variety of highly commanding moves and powerful weapons to defend herself and defeat her enemies in fierce battles.

Gameplay and plot

In particular, it seems star blade towards a somewhat different story when the system will be based on the player’s behavior and decisions, such as the fact that he can choose whether or not to help others. It’s because it’s in the action genre. star blade it possesses very flashy, unique and wacky gameplay moves, all of which are clearly shown through the introductory trailer of this action game.


A brief look at the premiere trailer for star bladeeveryone can admire the quality of the carefully polished graphics, the images are carefully measured, thanks to which star blade received a lot of support from the players.

Present, star blade Released exclusively on PS5, there are no signs of this action game releasing on PC, but fans are still looking forward to a day not too far away. star blade it will go further and further.

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