Streamer Criticizes Idol for Failing College, Gets Dragged into Gossip by Uninformed Fans

Streamer criticizes Idol for failing college, crazy fans drag him into gossiping without knowing he's talking to a Doctor

Streamer Three kingdoms kill the fire tree.

Recently, Chinese social media has been buzzing with controversy between fans of Ma Gia Ky, a member of the Youth League group, and a male game streamer. Enraged by what they perceived as an insult to their idol, the fans mocked the streamer’s academic capabilities. Little did they know that the streamer in question was actually a PhD from a prestigious Chinese university.

The Story Unfolds

Ma Gia Ky, born in 2002, is a Chinese singer, actor, and the captain of the band Thoi Dai Nien Doan. In China, aspiring actors, singers, and dancers have to go through two exams: a talent exam in art schools and a regular cultural exam. While Ma Gia Ky performed well in the talent test, ranking sixth in the acting department of the Central Academy of Drama, she struggled in the cultural test. Her total score of 307 out of 750 points fell short of the required threshold for admission. Although it’s understandable for someone with an artistic inclination to score lower in the cultural test, Ma Gia Ky’s fans had always boasted about her being an excellent student and a “study saint.” Hence, they faced a barrage of satirical comments when the exam results were announced.

The Joke that Backfired

A game streamer known as Three Kingdoms Sat Hoa Thu shared news about Ma Gia Ky spending 300,000 yuan on tuition to prepare for the talent exam. In a playful manner, he commented, “It’s better than giving me that money.” Little did he expect that Ma Gia Ky’s fans would misconstrue his words as an insult to their idol’s abilities. They immediately launched an attack on his Weibo account, mocking his academic prowess.

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But here’s the twist. Hoa Thu, the streamer, not only graduated from Tsinghua University, China’s most prestigious school, but also holds a master’s degree and a doctorate from the same institution. Moreover, he has been teaching high school math online, the very subject that Ma Gia Ky struggled with. Hoa Thu’s expertise has helped numerous students pass the Tsinghua University or Bac entrance examination. This revelation cast a spotlight on the importance of understanding someone’s background before engaging in unwarranted criticism.

The Takeaway

This incident serves as a reminder for all of us to be cautious and well-informed before jumping to conclusions about others. It’s easy to fall into the trap of gossip, but it’s crucial to approach any situation with respect and empathy. As demonstrated in this story, assumptions can lead to embarrassing moments when the truth is revealed.

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