Street Fighter 6 landed in the biggest battle royale playground

The Street Fighter 6 and PUBG Crossover event will introduce a bunch of new character skins based on Capcom’s fighting game. Players can purchase Cammy, Ryu, Luke, and Chun-Li skins during the upcoming event starting from July 26 to September 20.

The PUBG Summer Festival 2023 also takes place during the period above. The quest hub website will continually update new objectives to be completed during the event period. Players who complete the quest will receive the ‘Seal of Summer’ and a chance to win a variety of prizes both in-game and in the real world. During the gameplay, the player can earn the “new summer edition nameplate” and 500 G-Coins. Players can either have the PUBG version of the Razer Gaming Kit or the high-configuration Intel i9/RTX4090 Gaming PC. Readers can find the details of the missions and rewards. here.

The new smaller and faster Green Bomb Racing & Arcade mode will also be available during Summer Festival. On the Riviera map, two teams of six players will compete for control of the blue zone. Participating in the Blue Bomb Race will earn players special Arcade Points, which can be redeemed for specialized in-game gear.

In addition to Collab skins highlights and new game modes, PUBG is also hosting special item drop events where players can collect new weapon skins and emotes. The Street Fighter 6 x PUBG co-op event kicks off with update 24.2, which launched on PC on July 12 and is coming to Console on July 20.

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