Super cool mod, the developer always invites Fallout fans to work

Super cool mod, the developer always invites Fallout fans to work

Award-winning writer and modder Stephanie Zachariadis is the lead author of the highly anticipated Fallout mod, Fallout: London. And soon, this talented girl will leave her team to go to Bethesda Game Studios and get a job as a quest designer for the game. This information was confirmed by the project leader Dean Carter himself.

Screenwriter and modder Stephanie Zachariadis.

Fallout: London is an ambitious remake of Fallout 4, revealed earlier this year. Set between the first two games and featuring tournaments removed from the traditional American-inspired arena of the original game, Fallout: London has a huge new map to explore, new factions for players to join, and a focus on melee weapons in place of firearms.

Because it was developed by a primarily “passion made” team, Fallout: London does not yet have a specific release date. Stephanie Zachariadis is the lead of this project when she started participating in July 2020. The news that she is coming to work in Bethesda has received countless warm congratulations from the modder community.

“Working here (Bethesda) has been one of the best experiences of my life. The team members are incredibly talented and more than that, they are great friends,” Zachariadis said. And what fans care about is that even if she joins the big studio, the completion of Fallout: London won’t slow down. Zachariadis has finished building the main plot and the game missions before leaving, the old team members will complete the rest.


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