Super funny goats will return in November in Goat Simulator 3

Super funny goats will return in November in Goat Simulator 3

The game is scheduled to release exclusively for PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on November 17. Pilgor is the star of the sequel, and this goat is ready to cause all kinds of mayhem as he interacts with his environment while exploring the vast island of San Angora with its plethora of new areas, challenges, and events.

Players have access to all goat variants in Goat Simulator 3, all customizable with skill sets and fashion items like toilet paper, tea trays, jetpacks, and more. In Season 3, players can experience the game with friends thanks to four-player co-op. Goat Simulator 3 offers seven mini-games for multiplayer. Players can “make a cow” together and everything will be more fun when they are accompanied by friends.

Additionally, Coffee Stain Studios also announced the Goat In A Box version. This version runs on all platforms and players can pre-order Goat In A Box at most major retailers. The Goat In A Box edition includes the game disc, a goat stuffed animal, a goat barn model, an art book, three postcards, and a double-sided poster. Digital content includes game soundtracks, gear, 3D printed files, and remastered skins from Old School Pilgor, MMO, GoatZ, Waste of Space, and PayDay.

Those not interested in collecting exhibits can opt for the Pre-Udder and Digital Downgrade versions. The Pre-Udder Edition includes in-game gear and the Digital Downgrade Edition will give players plenty of remastered content from the first Goat Simulator.


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