Super Popular Trailer Collection Just Announced at Summer Game Fest 2021

Super Popular Trailer Collection Just Announced at Summer Game Fest 2021

June is an exciting time for gamers, as the gaming industry gears up for a series of thrilling events. One such event is the Summer Game Fest, which recently delighted fans with a plethora of fascinating news and trailers. In this article, we’ll highlight the most noteworthy developments for you to keep an eye on.

Elden Ring

First announced in 2019, Elden Ring quickly captured the attention of countless players. Developed by From Software, the legendary creators of Dark Souls, in collaboration with George RR Martin, the renowned author of A Song of Ice and Fire, Elden Ring is undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated games. Prepare yourself for its release on January 21, 2022, across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms by watching the latest trailer:

Elden Ring

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Unlike previous installments in the series, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin takes a turn-based RPG approach rather than an action RPG. You’ll assume the role of a character known as Monster Rider, who forges powerful bonds with various Monster Hunter creatures. These creatures become your allies in battles against other characters and monsters. The game places heavy emphasis on its engrossing plot and well-developed characters, offering players an immersive story-driven experience unlike any other.

Back 4 Blood

During the Summer Game Fest, Turtle Rock Studios delighted fans by unveiling a new trailer for Back 4 Blood, the highly anticipated successor to Left 4 Dead. Mark your calendars for October 12, 2021, as pre-ordering grants you early access to the open beta starting August 5.

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Tales of Arise

The new Tales of Arise trailer grants fans an even closer look at the game, showcasing the character roster and their unique fighting abilities. Get ready to embark on this exciting adventure as the game launches on September 10, 2021, for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Escape from Tarkov

Prepare yourself for a brand new map called Streets of Tarkov in Escape From Tarkov. This urban setting, with its narrow streets and towering buildings, offers a fresh gameplay experience. Most of the existing maps are set in rural or industrial areas, making this urban landscape a welcome addition.

House of Ashes

House of Ashes transports players to the Middle East, immersing them in a terrifying world filled with Sumerian mythology and demons. Among them is Pazuzu, known as the King of the Winds, who wields control over the hot, dry southwest wind. This wind, originating from the underworld, brings crop failures, locust swarms, and catastrophic hurricanes. Pazuzu possesses a half-human, half-animal form that will send shivers down your spine. Brace yourself for the release of House of Ashes on October 22, 2021.

Death Stranding

As a special guest at the Summer Game Fest, Kojima presented a new Death Stranding trailer filmed on the PS5 platform. The Death Stranding Director’s Cut promises stunning visuals, and there are even nods to the Metal Gear story. While the specific release date remains a mystery, one thing is for sure—it’s “coming soon.”

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