Takademy League: Master AOV ngày 1

Takademy League: Master AOV ngày 1

Takademy League: AOV Master – Season 1 officially started at 3:00 pm on August 2 with the appearance of 3 teams in Group A representing 3 fan communities of streamer Anh Ma, Long Ca and Masked Boss. The first 3 matches were extremely exciting matches when they were very determined and didn’t want to have to leave on the first day of the match. But the final result did not hold many surprises.

In the first match, the Long Ca team brought new vitality. The young players with an open fighting style seemed to achieve their first victory, but the bravery of the Anh Ma team was shown at the right time. And that was also the first step to help them regain confidence and achieve 2 consecutive victories against streamer Long Ca’s team.

The representative of the Long Ca fans had an advantage from the beginning.

With no turning back, Long Ca’s team must win the second match if they do not want to stop in Takademy League: Master AOV – Season 1. Moving intelligently and proactively, without fighting with opponents, Long Ca’s team is the leader. Losing the draw, the Masked Boss team was swept by the opponent too early and accepted a complete loss with a score of 0-2.

After losing, the Tram Ba team was forced to win 2-0 against the Anh Ma team if they wanted to maintain their hopes of continuing, and they came a little closer to achieving a miracle by achieving 16 kills. Forcing Streamer Anh Ma’s team to retreat and defend.


But once again, the class difference helped Anh Ma’s team overcome the odds with a clean victory in the final fight. Unfortunately, the Masked Boss team lost and completely lost their motivation in the second game.

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Team Anh Ma and Team Long Ca are the first two names to reach the semi-finals.

Takademy League: Master AOV – Season 1 will continue in Group B at 3:00 p.m. on August 3 with the appearance of 3 teams: DK Monkey, Leona NS and Ho Long Streamer, who promise to bring extremely exciting news.

The tournament is broadcast and organized by Takademia.

Takademy, part of Appota, is a company specialized in the training and management of young people who want to become creators of specific game content.
Takademy focuses on entertainment, lifestyle content, etc., helping to bring dynamic and colorful new experiences to the Vietnamese young generation.

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