Talent Knows No Age: 16-Year-Old Rakes in Billions Trading Pokémon Consoles and Cards

Talent doesn't wait for age, 16-year-old earns billions of dong trading Pokémon consoles and cards

Do you remember the frenzy surrounding the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X? As you might recall, both consoles were practically invisible on store shelves, making them incredibly difficult to find. Well, the same goes for Pokémon cards. People were willing to pay exorbitant amounts, sometimes in the billions of dong, for rare cards. But amidst this chaos, one young boy managed to turn a handsome profit by capitalizing on the demand for Pokémon consoles and cards. Let’s delve into this captivating story.

A Billion-Dong Empire Created by a 16-Year-Old

In a remarkable span of just 18 months, Max Hayden, a 16-year-old boy, amassed a staggering revenue of $1.7 million by reselling PS5s, Xbox Series Xs, and Pokémon cards. After accounting for capital and sales costs, Max’s actual profit amounted to approximately $110,000 (VND2.53 billion). Quite an impressive feat for someone so young!

Hayden cleverly sold the coveted PS5 and Xbox Series X for $1,100 each, more than double their retail price of $500. With the ongoing pandemic causing supply chain disruptions, the scarcity of these highly sought-after consoles persisted, prompting avid gamers to willingly pay a premium to secure one. This was especially true as a plethora of exciting titles were poised to make their debut on these platforms. Apart from consoles, Max also dealt in Pokémon cards, sneakers, and other hard-to-find items.

Console Shortages: A Challenge for the Gaming Giants

The scarcity of consoles and the resultant hoarding phenomenon did not go unnoticed by Sony and Microsoft. Jim Ryan, the CEO of PlayStation, acknowledged the issue and expressed the company’s determination to collaboratively address it with retailers. The goal was to ensure that genuine consumers could purchase the PS5 at a reasonable price, without falling prey to exorbitant markups. However, given the persisting pandemic and the global chip shortage, it seems that the problem of console scarcity will likely continue until the end of this year, and perhaps even extend into early 2022 before finally being resolved.

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The Power of Talent and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Max Hayden’s extraordinary success at such a tender age serves as a testament to the limitless potential of young minds. With an astute understanding of market trends, a keen eye for valuable merchandise, and the zeal to seize opportunities, Max capitalized on the demand for Pokémon consoles and cards. His story is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a reminder that age should never be seen as an obstacle to success.

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