Tales of Arise: Japan’s best ARPG is about to offer a free demo

Tales of Arise: Japan's best ARPG is about to offer a free demo

Recently, Tales of Arise producer Tomizawa Yusuke held a live Q&A and introduced some features of the upcoming RPG for the first time. The live broadcast revealed select information and new scenes from Tales of Arise.

Skitting is a familiar feature of the Tales franchise: along the way, team members will converse and start conversation threads. Unlike many role-playing games today, the sketch in Tales games has a visual novel-like element, with 2D images of the characters displayed alongside dialogue. In Tales of Arise, skits have 3D graphics and are brought to life by the control panel and character switching, giving players the feeling of watching a movie.

Skits may include some scenes about “features of life” such as fishing, farming, and preparing delicious food. Tomizawa promised that the game will feature “a variety of fish, both good and bad.”

At camp, characters can increase intimacy by chatting directly with each other. The live stream also showed off the combat element and some DLC skins. Costumes will be the only DLC for Tales of Arise; Bandai Namco currently has no plans to develop any more story content for the game.

Tomizawa also announced that the demo for Tales of Arise will be released in the near future, before the game’s official release. The PC version won’t disappoint like some previous Tales games, with custom keybinding support, 144Hz refresh rate, more graphics options and photo modes, just like the console versions. Tales of Arise is scheduled for release on September 10.

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