Tekken 8 is the first game in the series to support Cross-Play

Tekken 8 is the first game in the series to support Cross-Play

Bandai Namco Entertainment head Katsuhiro Harada has confirmed that Tekken 8 will feature Cross-Play. For fighting games, two big things that players will worry about are netcode rollback (a fix that makes online play smoother than usual) and crossplay. These are two features that make it easy for players to experience the game with friends on a variety of platforms. So the news that Tekken 8 will feature crossplay and netcode rollback is good news for fans of this fighting game.

The game’s director, Mr. Harada, confirmed the above information himself when asked by a fan on Twitter. Mr. Harada also pointed out that he tried to bring crossplay to Tekken 7, on the previous generation of consoles, but was unable to do so due to issues between the two main platforms, PlayStation and Xbox. Bandai Namco’s head shared, “When the previous generation consoles were released, I proposed a cross-play feature between the two platforms. However, at the time, the two companies had a common conflict of interest and P2P security concerns. “.

In another tweet, Mr. Harada further revealed cross-play issues on the previous-gen console: “Remember when they announced they were ready to support cross-play a few years ago? The reality was, they weren’t interested. in admitting third parties at the time — and the barriers were actually quite high.” The developer also noted that there are still some issues, but crossplay will still be in the game, so the game will likely not launch with crossplay support in the first place.

Mr. Harada also seems to confirm that Tekken 8 will enter Beta in the future, so that fans can experience the game before its official release. Tekken 8 will launch this year on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, although there is no official date yet.

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