Tencent revives the Delta Force military shooter series

Tencent revives the Delta Force military shooter series

Tencent is bringing the first-person military shooter series Delta Force back to fans. NovaLogic, the creator of Delta Force, has released nine games in the series, from the first Delta Force in 1998 to Delta Force: Xtreme 2, which released in 2009. However, NovaLogic was discontinued in 2009. 2016, when THQ Nordic acquired the developer’s assets.

Tencent recently released a trailer for the new game in the Delta Force series before revealing more details about the game at the Gamescom Opening Night Live event on August 22. Developed at Timi Studio Group under Tencent and it will be a cross-platform game for Console. , PC and mobile.

Producer Shadow Guo said the game will feature a campaign mode based on director Ridley Scott’s film Broken Wings and offer a large-scale multiplayer PvP experience. Mr. Guo shared, “Players will be able to experience realistic and exciting battles from the famous movie. Our team has thoroughly researched the film and delved into the historical background with caution. Extensive research has allowed us to recreate an immersive, authentic gaming experience that captures the essence of that timeless event.”

Mr. Guo added, “The game designers chose to build a multiplayer RPG battle arena that can accommodate PvP on a larger scale than the previous limit of 32 players. To create an atmosphere of epic combat on land, sea, and in the air, we’ve designed multiple game modes and maps that incorporate various terrain features, such as elevation differences, caves, and multiple transportation routes.

The new Delta Force game also creates unique and technologically advanced vehicles that players can use in the game, including assault vehicles, helicopters, armored vehicles, attack boats and more, off-road vehicles, jeeps, trucks, fighters, and drones. These vehicles will grace the sensational experience of large-scale PVP matches.


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