Introducing Terra Flame: A Nostalgic Horizontal Shmup by TERARIN GAMES

Video terra flame game


Imagine being transported back to the 90s, where horizontal shmups ruled the arcade world. Now, prepare to experience that same intense adrenaline rush with a modern twist in “Terra Flame,” the latest game by the renowned game developer, TERARIN GAMES.

An Exhilarating Blast from the Past

Terra Flame draws inspiration from classic horizontal shmups but adds its own unique flavor. The standout feature of the game is the ability to switch between three different types of weapons in real time. Gone are the days of meticulously navigating complex controls; in Terra Flame, speed and excitement take precedence. Prepare to encounter colossal battleships and high-speed scrolling stages that will keep even the most avid shmup fans enthralled.

The game’s soundtrack, composed by the talented HIROKKEY, and the chiptune arrangements by Taku Shiiba, create an immersive audio experience that complements the action on the screen.

Mastering the Game System

Move your ship effortlessly using the left stick or D-pad. With the RB button, you can adjust your ship’s speed across three levels. The A button fires forward shots, the Y button unleashes back shots, and the X button activates search shots. If you prefer a different button layout, feel free to customize it to your liking.

Plenty of options are available in the menu, allowing you to fine-tune the gameplay experience. Choose between the original score or the chiptune arrangement (MD sound source) to accompany your journey.

Harnessing the Power of Three Weapons

Enemies will attack from all directions, making the proper use of the three weapon types crucial. You start with Forward Shot, Back Shot, and Search Shot, which cannot be lost if you get hit. Unlike traditional shmups, where search shots tend to be overpowered, Terra Flame strikes a delicate balance. The search shot automatically tracks enemies but won’t target those behind you. For that, you’ll need to rely on buckshot. The forward shot boasts the highest attack power, making it essential to employ all three weapon types strategically.

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Power Up and Charge On

Collecting the “P” item will increase your weapon’s power level up to three times. As your power grows, your shots can cover a wider range. Furthermore, obtaining the “R” item grants you roll units that rotate around your ship, enhancing your attacks. With the roll units equipped, you’ll gain access to charged shots. Fill up the charge gauge at the bottom left of the screen by refraining from continuous shooting. Unleash a charged shot with double the attack power when the gauge has sufficient charge. The timing for charging is key, as it can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Survive and Thrive

Protect yourself with a defender using the “D” item. With it, you can block up to three enemy bullets. Be sure to snatch this item when it spawns, as its position remains fixed. In the unfortunate event of losing a life, fear not. You’ll be revived on the spot if you have remaining lives. However, your weapon level will revert to its initial state. If you exhaust all remaining lives, the game ends. But don’t despair; you have the opportunity to continue from the beginning of the current stage indefinitely. Increase your remaining lives by achieving specific scores.

Unleashing the Power of Crystals

Accumulating crystals throughout the stages will boost your final score upon completion. However, be cautious, as losing a life also means forfeiting your crystals. Crystals can be acquired by defeating certain enemies or clearing entire enemy formations. The more crystals you gather, the higher your score soars.

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Linking Chains for Bonuses

One successful hit after another creates a chain, and when the chain ends, you’ll receive a bonus. While carefully aiming for a continuous chain might be difficult due to the fixed positioning of enemies in Terra Flame, eliminating enemies without omission will inevitably lead to chain continuation.

Hit Stop: A Visually Captivating Experience

For the first time in this game, a hit stop feature has been implemented. Whenever your ship gets hit, the screen freezes for approximately 0.5 seconds, allowing you to visually comprehend the cause of your damage. Hit stop adds a unique visual element that is absent in traditional shmups, making Terra Flame an even more captivating experience.

Arcade Mode: An Epic Challenge

Choose from three difficulty levels – Normal, Hard, and Expert – in the Arcade Mode. Complete all eight stages to accomplish your mission. While primarily a horizontal scrolling game, certain stages may introduce vertical scrolling or provide slight up and down movement options. Each stage’s boss battle comes with a time limit, so defeating the boss swiftly rewards you with time bonuses.

A Word from Terarin

Terarin, the creative genius behind Terra Flame and a seasoned game developer, has a knack for delivering vertical shmup experiences. However, this time, Terarin has embraced the challenge of creating a standard horizontal shmup. Initially, the game featured around five different types of weapons. Yet, Terarin recognized that excessive weapon variety might overwhelm players, particularly beginners. To streamline the gameplay experience, the developer narrowed it down to three weapons, each conveniently assigned to a specific button, making weapon switching more intuitive. Additionally, this design choice prevents players from losing all weapons when hit and ensures a smoother revival process.

Terarin’s expertise lies in programming, but this multi-talented creator isn’t afraid to dabble in graphic design. Terra Flame showcases Terarin’s growth as a graphic artist, bolstering the game’s nostalgic appeal.

With Terra Flame, Terarin fuses the nostalgia of 90s shmups with the game creator’s accumulated experience, resulting in a remarkable, contemporary, and highly enjoyable horizontal shmup. Terarin pours their heart and soul into every endeavor, and it is our hope that you will thoroughly enjoy their latest creation.


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