The Top 10 Must-Have Accessories in Terraria

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Terraria is a game where your success heavily relies on your equipment. Your class and playstyle are closely tied to the gear you have. But what happens when all the armor sets you acquire have the same stats? The answer lies in accessories. Terraria offers a wide range of accessories that add various effects to enhance your gameplay. In this article, we will explore the top 10 Terraria accessories and how to obtain them.

10. Magiluminescence: Shiny and Functional

Ooohhh! Shiny! The Magiluminescence is an accessory that may be a mouthful to pronounce, but it’s incredibly easy to obtain. All you need is some topaz and evil bars (Crimtane or Demonite), and you’ll have an accessory that increases your movement speed by 20%, accelerates and decelerates you twice as fast, and adds a beautiful light aura around you. It’s versatility at its finest!

  • What’s good about Magiluminescence:
    • An early source of player-bound light, which is a rare feature.
    • Movement speed buff that stacks with boot-type accessories.


9. Arcane Flower: Mana Management Made Easy

I wonder if it only blooms with mana potions? Running out of mana in the middle of a boss fight is no fun. Luckily, the Arcane Flower is here to save the day. Not only does it automatically use mana potions when needed, but it also reduces mana usage by a whopping 8%.

  • What’s good about the Arcane Flower:
    • No need to worry about managing mana potion usage timing.
    • Less mana usage means more spells cast.

Arcane Flower

8. Charm of Myths: Health Potion Optimization

Now that we have mana potion management under control, let’s optimize our health potion usage too. The Charm of Myths is a fantastic accessory that reduces the Potion Sickness debuff duration by 20% and provides increased health regeneration.

  • What’s good about Charm of Myths:
    • Decreases Potion Sickness debuff duration by 20%.
    • Offers an increased rate of health regeneration.
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Charm of Myths

7. Destroyer Emblem: Boost Your Damage

Outputting your best damage is essential for prevailing in Terraria’s toughest battles. The Destroyer Emblem provides a significant increase in damage and a slight boost to Critical Strike chance. It combines the Avenger’s Emblem and an Eye of the Golem, making it a great accessory for all classes except summoners.

  • What’s good about Destroyer Emblem:
    • Excellent boost to all damage, which stacks with other class emblems.
    • Additional Critical Strike chance when combined with another Eye of the Golem.

Destroyer Emblem

6. Avenger Emblem: Pure Damage

ASSEMBLE!!!! Wait, why is the Avenger’s emblem ranked higher than its upgraded version? The answer is simple: pure damage. Combining the Avenger Emblem with the Eye of the Golem reduces the overall damage, and sometimes, that’s not what you want.

  • What’s good about Avenger Emblem:
    • An even bigger boost to all damage, which stacks with other class emblems.
    • Stacks with the Destroyer Emblem, Mechanical Glove, and Celestial Emblem.

Avenger Emblem

5. Celestial Shell: Stat-Boosting Powerhouse

So that’s what combining the Moon Shell and the Celestial Stone looks like. The Celestial Shell is easily one of the best stat-boosting items in the game. It combines the versatility of the Moon Shell and the Celestial Stone, providing excellent buffs that stack with other similar accessories.

  • What’s good about the Celestial Shell:
    • Enables the Werewolf transformation at night, granting significant boosts to all melee stats and regeneration.
    • Merman transformation negates movement penalties and drowning while underwater.

Celestial Shell

4. Worm Scarf: Damage Reduction at Its Finest

Having immense damage is useless when you’re dead. That’s why defensive accessories are crucial for survival. The Worm Scarf, obtained early in Expert mode from the Eater of Worlds, provides a massive 17% reduction in damage taken, making it a valuable asset throughout your entire playthrough.

  • What’s good about the Worm Scarf:
    • Gives a substantial buff to damage reduction, essential for surviving big hits.
    • Can be obtained early in the game and remains useful at any point in your playthrough.
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Worm Scarf

3. Master Ninja Gear: The Way of the Ninja

Playing defensively often requires maximum mobility, and the Master Ninja Gear offers just that. With the ability to climb walls, dash, and a small chance to dodge attacks, this accessory is a must-have for any aspiring ninja.

  • What’s good about the Master Ninja Gear:
    • Grants the ‘Dash’ ability, adding extra mobility.
    • Provides a small chance to dodge attacks, negating incoming damage once.

Master Ninja Gear

2. Ankh Shield: Defy Status Effects

No one enjoys being inflicted with status effects or getting tossed around by enemies. The Ankh Shield ensures that you won’t have to suffer from any debuffs ever again. This shield is the result of a long and challenging crafting tree that combines the status negating Ankh Charm with the Obsidian Shield.

  • What’s good about the Ankh Shield:
    • Grants immunity to knockback and fire blocks.
    • Provides immunity to most debuffs.
    • Keeps you firmly grounded.

Ankh Shield

1. Terraspark Boots: The Ultimate Mobility Tool

In a world where you’re constantly chased by zombies, flying eyes, and giant skeletons, you’ll always want to be running at top speed. The Terraspark Boots are the pinnacle of mobility in Terraria. They provide flight, super-fast running, extra mobility on ice, increased movement speed, the ability to walk on water, honey, and lava, and even reduce damage from touching lava. They truly are the best boots in the biz.

  • What’s good about the Terraspark Boots:
    • Unmatched mobility with flight, super-fast running, and wall climbing.
    • Provides the ability to traverse water, honey, and lava.
    • Offers damage reduction when in contact with lava.

Terraspark Boots

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Remember, these accessories will greatly enhance your gameplay and help you reach your full potential in Terraria. So go out there, gather the necessary materials, and equip yourself with these fantastic accessories to dominate the game!

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