How to Survive as a Victim in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

How to fight back as a victim in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Can victims fight back in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? The game offers players the opportunity to experience both sides of the terrifying story. Whether you choose to play as a member of the notorious family or as a hapless victim, understanding the abilities of each team is key to surviving this brutal game. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how victims can fight back against the family, even in the most desperate situations.

Victim Abilities in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

By default, victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre may feel powerless against their assailants. However, there is one victim who possesses a unique advantage – Leland. He is the strongest and toughest character in the game, making him a formidable opponent for any family member.

Leland’s special ability is a powerful tackle that allows him to charge shoulder-first into his grotesque pursuers. A successful tackle will knock down a family member, temporarily immobilizing them and providing Leland and his fellow victims with a precious opportunity to escape. Although this ability takes time to recharge, it can mean the difference between life and death in critical moments. Keep in mind that Leland’s strength comes at the expense of stealth.

Using Bone Piles for Self-Defense

While navigating the nightmarish locations of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you may come across piles of bones. These bone piles serve as more than just eerie decorations. By approaching them carefully, you can interact with these piles and acquire bone scraps for self-defense.

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Similar to unlocking tools from boxes, filling the meter successfully allows you to grab a bone scrap without alerting anyone. Patience is key; rushing the process will make noise and give away your position. Bone piles can be used multiple times, so feel free to stock up on self-defense options. Alternatively, you can approach a family member stealthily and strike them from behind, momentarily stunning them and creating an opportunity for a swift escape.

Struggling for Survival

For a more direct confrontation, you can choose to initiate a struggle with a family member using a bone scrap. This intense encounter requires precise timing of button presses. If victorious, the family member will be stunned, buying you valuable time. However, failing to overpower your attacker will likely result in a gruesome demise on Leatherface’s meat hook. Additionally, bone scraps can be used strategically to disable noise traps or lamps, making it more challenging for pursuers to locate you. Remember, these items can only be used once.

With these strategies in mind, you’ll be better equipped to fight back as a victim in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. While you embark on this terrifying journey, don’t forget to check out our beginner’s tips for the game and read our Texas Chain Saw Massacre review to discover our thoughts on this bone-chilling experience.

TCM Game Close Encounter

TCM Game Close Encounter

TCM Game Close Encounter

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