The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Unlock the Missing ‘XP or Skill Points’ and Level Up

[Updated] The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 'XP or Skill Points' missing (progression or level up glitch) acknowledged
Video texas chainsaw massacre game not leveling up

Are you an avid fan of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game? While it has gained popularity among gamers, it’s not without its fair share of bugs and glitches. One such issue that players have recently been encountering is the missing ‘XP or Skill Points’ after leaving matches.

The Glitch: ‘XP or Skill Points’ Disappearing

Many players have reported instances where the experience points (XP) system within the game is plagued by technical glitches. XP and Skill Points are not properly awarded after completing matches or achieving milestones. Some players have even noticed that their hard-earned XP points keep disappearing into thin air. This problem becomes even more frustrating when players level up, as the points increase momentarily but then revert back to their previous numbers.


Players have also observed that leaving a match or entering a new one causes them to be reverted to their previous level. Additionally, the inaccurate statistics prevent them from unlocking and trying new outfits and exploring new characters and their unique traits. It’s no wonder that players are feeling disheartened by these multiple issues in a recently launched game.

Official Acknowledgment and Support

Thankfully, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre support team has officially acknowledged the problem and is actively working on a fix. They have urged affected gamers to share their feedback by raising support tickets. Rest assured, they are on the case and looking to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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Updates on the Glitch

Since the issue was first reported, there have been several updates regarding the missing ‘XP or Skill Points’ glitch:

Update 1 (August 22, 2023)

The support team has suggested a potential workaround by uninstalling and reinstalling the game. However, this solution does not work for everyone. They are still actively working on a final fix and appreciate the patience of the players.

Update 2 (August 23, 2023)

Unfortunately, the glitch is still present in the game, and there is no estimated time for a fix. Some players have resorted to staying in matches until the very end, even after they have died, just to avoid losing XP. It’s definitely an annoying situation.

Update 3 (August 25, 2023)

Players are still unable to leave matches without losing XP, and there is no estimated time for a fix yet. The support team is aware of the issue and is working diligently to resolve it.

Update 4 (August 28, 2023)

According to reports, the missing ‘XP or Skill Points’ bug continues to persist. Players are still unable to leave matches without losing XP, highlighting the need for a fix.

Update 5 (August 29, 2023)

A player has noticed that even after staying for the entire match, there is no guarantee of receiving the XP points. Due to the XP bug, players must meet certain eligibility criteria to receive the points.

Stay in the Loop

As we continue to monitor this issue, we will keep you updated on any further developments. In the meantime, keep enjoying The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and stay tuned for more news and updates.

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