Uncle Donates Over 12 Billion Savings to Streamer, Results in Lawsuit by Angry Wife

The 53-year-old uncle donated more than 12 billion of his savings to the streamer, his wife got angry and sued him in court.

Have you ever heard of streamers who receive massive donations from their viewers? It’s a common practice in many countries where streamers create unique content and their audience supports them through voluntary donations. However, there comes a point where things can stop being fun, especially when the donations become excessive.

Recently, a court in Shanghai, China, received an intriguing lawsuit from a middle-aged woman against her husband, a live streaming platform, and a streamer. The reason? Her 53-year-old uncle of a husband had donated a staggering total of 780,000 yuan (approximately VND12.5 billion) to a streamer named Tieu Giai over a period of 10 months from April 2018 to January 2019.

It’s worth noting that this uncle’s monthly income was less than 10,000 yuan, and his wife was suffering from constant illness, unable to work. Moreover, their daughter had just graduated from university and was still searching for employment. Given such circumstances, this sizable donation was their family’s hard-earned savings accumulated over the years.

So, why did this uncle donate such a considerable amount? He claimed that Tieu Giai had seduced him, promising to meet him in person after her studies abroad. They developed a relationship, leading him to shower her with a large sum of money as a token of his affection.


Tieu Giai and the live streaming platform argue that the uncle was fully aware of his actions as an adult. He had purchased virtual items like “roses” and “fireworks” to gift Tieu Giai while enjoying perks such as interacting with her, listening to her sing, and even requesting specific performances. Tieu Giai also insists that there was no real-life relationship between them, emphasizing that she was unaware of his marital status and had no intention of disrupting other families.

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However, the wife was livid and sought a refund from both the live streaming platform and Tieu Giai. When her request was rejected, she took the matter to court. Unfortunately for her, the court deemed the situation to be more of a contractual relationship within the realm of online services. Consequently, the wife’s demand was dismissed.

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Remember, donating to your favorite streamers can be exciting, but moderation is key. Let’s keep things fun and within reason!