16. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Xbox 360) Chapter 14: Maximum Carnage!

16. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Xbox 360) Chapter 14: Maximum Carnage!
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Let’s head over to the objective as soon as the communication recording ends. Once you reach there, you will get a short scene. After you regain control, you will be at Ravencroft. You need to save all civilians here, but for each civilian to be saved, you will need to defeat the two groups fighting each other. The task force, and the carnage clones.

Once each group is defeated, rescue the civilians that were in danger near them. Once you have saved all three civilians, you will have a short scene showing you Donald Menken surrounded by carnage clones.

Get up on the wall, and defeat the Task Force guy on a glider, as he will follow you everywhere and be an annoyance if you do not.

Once you beat him, go down to where the carnage clones are, and hit them with a Seismic Blast, and go about quickly webbing them to the ground. Rinse and repeat until they are all cleared. Menken will then need you to take him to the parking lot. Do so and then head back to where you were save saving him. Head into the objective.

Defeat the guards here (you can stealth take down the armoured guards). Don’t touch the water here or you lose your abilities for a short time and take damage.

So web strike up to ledges in the air, and web shoot the flying bots and take down the remaining guards. Then web strike yourself into the square metal cage. Then jump out again, and pull the metal girder out of the wall with a Web Pull. Web Strike yourself into the hole and take out any security bots you see. Do not step into the water. Use walls to manoeuvre through the area, towards the objective.

When you get to the inner area, you will need to navigate in a straight line to your objective, and then from there, look up and you will see an octagon type shape with a red light. Go inside that hole, and wall crawl past the fire to the objective marker. Turn right, and go past the first pipes. Then in the middle of the pipes in front, web pull the little lever to put out the fire, and go through the hold you now just uncovered. Seismic Blast the symbiote in front of you. Then web rush past. Seismic Blast the next one in your path too and go to the objective marker. Go left, and when the pipes seem to make a blockade, pull the lever and burn the symbiote. Turn it off after, and go through the path that is now uncovered. Get to the objective marker.

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When you regain control, keep following the pipe to the arena type area. You will get a cutscene. After it ends, you will be fighting Carnage.

Take the time right now to turn on all the fire levers (there are five) in the area. Web rush to him, and start beating on him and try to push him into the fire, until the evade-prompt shows up. Evade and then beat him up some more. Try to Seismic Blast / push him into the fire as much as you can. You should have no problem getting him into the fire three times for

  • Friendly Fire

    Damaged Carnage with fire at least 3 times before defeating him

After his health drops to 75%, he will have a new pattern. He will get on a wall, and attack you from there. So what you want to do is locate him, and do a Seismic Blast on him. If you had trouble with the above mentioned achievement with the last part, you should definitely be able to get the rest in here, as he literally falls into the fire when you blast him. Evade his attacks, and web pull / attack when you can. Use Seismic Blast generously, and try to get him in the fire as many times as you can.

This boss fight is not too much trouble as long as you do lots of Seismic Blasts.

When his health drops to 50%, he will make a Carnage clone. Seismic Blast it and try to get it in the fire. It is not too high on life, but does take about 5 – 10 hits to die, and you want to evade it’s attacks as well. While you are fighting this thing, make sure to Seismic Blast the real Carnage if possible, but if not, make sure to evade him.

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After you beat that clone, you will have a while of Carnage just going to a wall, you knocking him down with a Blast into the fire, then evading and beating on him, and him going back to the wall, and repeat.

At 10% life, he will bring out two clones now, so repeat the same steps as the last clone battle, only exercising more caution and evading is your main priority. After they are down, Carnage will do his regular ground fighting, so Blast and pushing him into the fire, while evading him is your best strategy.

Once you get his life down, he is beat and you will get a cutscene and

  • Now It Is Over

    Defeated Carnage

  • Human

    Completed the game on Human difficulty

  • Hero

    Completed the game on Hero difficulty

  • Super Hero

    Completed the game on Super Hero difficulty

Then you will get another cutscene, and then credits. You can skip all of this. After the credits are seen or skipped, you will see another post credit cutscene. At the end of it (sometimes it has a delay and your achievement will pop when the loading screen is done and you get the prompt to press start to begin) you will get

  • Know Your Enemies

    Unlocked all character bios

That concludes the story mode of this game. But don’t worry, there is infinite free roam, and mission replayability. And you also have a lot of mini games to play and costumes to unlock and level up.

Let’s head over to the miscellaneous section, shall we?