The creation of the heart of the 9D community

The creation of the heart of the 9D community

After the periodic maintenance period tomorrow, February 14, Cuu Long Tranh Ba will officially add a new name to the Vietnamese server system called Than Long. This is considered to be the creation of the Vietnamese game community because many functions and activities of the Than Long server are developed based on the contributions of the community, after discussions by the game development team, NPH Dzogame and enthusiastic players to bring a new, unique and one of a kind. 9D playground exclusively for the Vietnamese market.

In this release, 9D players will experience many separate event updates, which will not overlap with the traditional game servers that have been released. Additionally, Cash Shop activities will be adjusted accordingly to prevent loss of item value. Although the original mechanism works like a traditional server, the new Than Long server will ensure that it does not merge with the current server in the long term.

As a game that promotes the spirit of martial arts, the tournament will be one of the highlights of this new server. By joining Than Long, players will be able to enjoy PK with other players in the Giang Ho Thien Vuong – Vo Lam Minh Chu tournament to find 16 heroes to compete in 8 Vo Truong He Phi. Who will occupy the supreme throne of martial arts!


In particular, in order to pay tribute to the players who have joined Cuu Long Tranh Ba since its launch until now, the game operator will launch a series of extremely HOT gratitude events such as: Tri Quy Gift Set; what long returns; Special Thanks – Super Promotion; Refreshing Silver Child Hefei Treasure Chests and Conqueror Cave…

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For more detailed information about the activities of the new Than Long server, players can visit HERE