The Demon King Faker Stumble Against The Blue Dragon DRX

The Demon King Faker Stumble Against The Blue Dragon DRX

Worlds 2022 ended not long ago with the return of the immortal Demon King Faker, and it is certain that T1 fans will never forget the last moment of the match. With a little more to go, this Demon King was able to conquer the milestone of the 4th prestigious trophy, something that very few players have achieved in his career.

But his dream of reaching the fourth Sumommoner trophy was interrupted by the steed DRX.

Skillful – Forger

The first player to break a series of records in League of Legends

First, the desire to rise to the throne when the Eternal Demon King Faker is the most record breaker at Worlds 2022. After T1 defeated Royal Never Give Up and won tickets to the semifinals, Faker set a record as the person with the most appearances. in the semifinals of Worlds 2022.

So far, Faker has participated in 5 Worlds Semi-Finals: 2013, 2015, 2016, 2021 and 2022. Other professional players who have nearly broken this record with 4 Worlds Semi-Final appearances are Bae ‘Bengi’. , Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski, Paul ‘sOAZ’ Boyer, and Park ‘Ruler’ Jae-hyuk!

Since his early days in professional League of Legends, Faker has blown up international fans with his extremely beautiful gameplay. So far, Demon King has managed to get close to 400 kills with 23 solo kills on the Worlds field.

Even if the almighty T1 mid laner has a record of using more than 70 champions in the domestic arena, at Worlds, Devil King has also brought out more than 30 different champions for his performance. .

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Because this year is almost his last season, it can be seen how Faker has worked hard to achieve glory for the fourth time, however, in the “suffocating tension” final, when after 4 games, the score was back to 2! -2! Everything is like back to the original!

The almighty Mid Laner from T1

30 is not yet Tet!

Going into game 5 is the start of a mental and psychological battle, as long as the team that misjudged a glass is considered a mile away.

However, T1 was a bit biased when they thought they could beat Kingen’s Aatrox, and they prepared another card to defeat Zeus’s Gwen.

Aatrox transforms into a monster to fight Gwen | Photo: Riot Games

And indeed, they miscalculated when in the first half of the game, T1 seemed to have the advantage, but later with Kingen’s “persistent destruction”, the game reached the point where it was really impossible to turn again…

Summary of the match | Photo: Riot Games

The DRX steed officially eats the Millennium Dragon from the hands of T1! Successfully defending and removing T1’s turrets, ending DRX’s entire “miracle run” journey in League of Legends history.

As soon as the main house was taken away, T1 seemed to go down, and the first to go down was Keria, the support guy who couldn’t keep up his mood before the final score.

Keria couldn’t hold back her tears after hours of intense competition | Photo: Riot Games

Seeing Keria like this, a Demon King with a hundred battles and a hundred victories like Faker suddenly held his head in his hands, he thought that if he could do better, the situation would probably change. But a competition is a competition, one drink is gone in the whole party! Cannot be redone as rank up.

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The broken moment of Keria in front of the leader Faker

However, you have to admire the solidity of the captain of T1 when he did not shed a single tear, showing the courage of a 10-year-old player. The last time he cried was at the 2017 World Cup against Samsung Galaxy.

It took him 5 years to wait, but in the end, the young man lost the prestigious trophy to his opponent. Is this the end of the Immortal Demon King Faker? Of course not, this was just an unfortunate stumble for Faker, when he ran into his “rival rival” Deft.

Faker has confirmed on Instagram that he will be back, so we have the right to hope that the Eternal Demon King will return in the near future.

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